Monday, 28 November 2016

November's Tried and Tested.


Another month over and of course I bring you the third Tried and Tested post.
This one isn't very full just because this month has been a bit of a trial for me (there is a post on the way about the wonderful month of November and that'll be up very soon) so product testing hasn't really been top of the agenda.

First up, I absolutely love the fun editions of Carex handwash. I tried and loved the bubblegum, strawberry laces and cola bottles so when I saw this one in poundland I grabbed a couple of bottles.
This is Chocolate Orange and smells of exactly that. Alongside the usual anti bac/cleaning you expect from your hand wash it is deliciously scented so I thought it definitely deserved a mention!

I have the biggest sweet tooth around so when I saw these doughnuts in Tesco I had to get some. 
I mean, look how cute they are!!
They really remind me of Frozen...
As for the taste, Oh my GOD!
I am quite fussy when it comes to doughnuts but these are wonderful. Definitely my favourite treat from November.
£1 from Tesco...I'm easily pleased.

This month, Accesorize launched their debut fragrance.
It's called Lovelily and I was lucky enough to be sent a 75ml bottle to try!

First impressions of the packaging are very positive. The bottle is beautiful. There's a beautiful design running through the centre of the bottle that gives the impression of a stem with a beautiful flower design at the top. 

It's super feminine and very dainty. I wouldn't put an age range on the product because it's so versatile. The design is classic and could suit anyone.

As for the scent, at it's heart is a floral tone with muguet (lily of the valley to you and me) and jasmine combining to produce a wonderful aroma. However it isn't all floral focused. 
It also has a zesty undertone of bergamot (or maybe it's orange) which gives it a nice freshness which really balances out the florals. The perfume is sweet and musky and I am loving it!

If you're not sure what to get someone for Christmas this year, this makes a perfect gift.
Everyone that has smelt this perfume so far has loved it and asked what is it and where I got it. This perfume is going to make a lot of people very happy this year.
You can purchase a bottle here... or here!

Last but by no means least, I got to try Hydration Gold from Transformulas this month.
This product is said to enhance and illuminate your skin. Perfect for those drab autumn/winter days.

'Drench your skin in 23 carat luxury'

It is SUPER sparkly!

This is a hydration creme but doubles as a highlighter and primer so can be used on top of and under makeup. I have been using it on my cheekbones and on my brow bone as my highlighter and boy is it incredible. It blends so easily with your foundation and absorbs straight into the skin without a problem. A little goes a long way too. You need the tiniest amount to brighten your skin.
This products contains Hyaluronan which has been called "the key to the fountain of youth". It combines with pure 23 carat gold powder for an ultimate anti-ageing creme. The Hyaluronan prevents the build up of toxic substances in the skin and helps to balance the effects of free radicals. 
The formula helps to nourish and keep the skin soft while giving you a glorious sparkly glow.

'A super boost for dehydrated skin softening fine lines' -Hello! magazine.

I also love the packaging. The bottle feels so fancy. You twist the lid and the little nozzle pops up. You pump and apply!
It is definitely a luxury item and costs about £42. It is a wonderful product but is it worth that price tag? I'm not sure yet as I've only been using it when I wear my makeup (which has been a lot less recently).

Have you tried anything new this month?
Good or bad, let me know!

Lots of Love

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