Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Deck The Halls.

Christmas is just around the corner and I intend to bore you to death with good ol' Christmassy posts.

Today I thought I'd look for the best and cutest decorations for your home and the Christmas tree.

With the Nordic theme being quite prominent again this season, I've looked for the prettiest and most affordable designs available and also some alternative colours and themes.

A prominent colour this season is teal/turquoise and gold (which is actually the theme of my living room) so there are some beautiful decorations on the high street right now.

Now I don't have a natural tree, I have a black fibre optic one which saves buying any lights 
(and untangling them...) and sweeping up the pines. The cats would not be impressed with that!


Wilko's was the first site I checked out. The actually have themed decorations so If you are a little bit undecided then check them out. They have grouped together some lovely pieces that fit certain themes. I have had a look through some of the themes and pulled out a few of my favourites.

These baubles are from the Pixie range and come in at £2.50 for 6. 
They are heart shaped and shatterproof which is brilliant if you have young children or pets.
With a frosted finish, they are a perfect addition to the Christmas tree.

This pack of 9 jingle bells are just £3.50. They are super sweet and really fun. 
They feature a gorgeous icy blue, red and white so they're really versatile and can fit many themes. 
If you get easily annoyed then these aren't really for you as they do jingle with every movement.
Another thing I'd recommend is shaking the packet in the store to check that they all jingle. 

Wilko's also have a Humbug collection which has a lot of monochrome decorations that are stunning. 
One of my particular favourites is the Glass Bauble filled with confetti. 
It's filled with small stars that are guaranteed to add a certain sparkle to your tree. The bauble is just £1.50.


I recently placed an order with Pound Stretcher and was seriously impressed with their quality and service. They offer a range of decorations at low prices. I was actually surprised at how much they had to offer. The variety is amazing.


This pack of three robins really reminded me of Christmas.
Around this time, we get a little robin appear in our garden. 
I always think of Christmas when I see him so I love these little decorations. 
They're 99p for 3!
They simply hang on the tree like any other bauble.
A really classic little touch to add.


This little luxury kit is brilliant. 
A 50 piece kit featuring baubles, hanging decorations, beads and a tree topper. 
You pay £5.99 for a complete set of decorations. 
It's available in several colours including the blue in the image, plum, black and cream. 


On the website I also found a 24 pack of traditional baubles that I might have fallen in love with. 
Again they're available in a wide selection of colours. They're very traditional and that's what I think Christmas should be. 
Simple, classic and very festive.

John Lewis

Buy John Lewis Make Your Own Pompom Santa/Snowmen/Penguin Online at johnlewis.comNow John Lewis is usually a lot more expensive than other stores but I found this really nice "Make Your Own" decorations set and had to mention it. For £6.50 you get a kit that enables you to make a father Christmas, 2 penguins and 2 snowmen that can be hung on the tree. It's a great activity for parents to do with their children and the little ones will love to see their own made decorations hanging on the tree. There are other kits too like "Make your own Garland" which might be fun to try and make as well. 

George at Asda

Lace Baubles - 4 Pack
I found these gorgeous lace baubles from George at Asda. They're £3 for a 4 pack. They're a lovely colour and will add a lovely festive feel. They are shatterproof and beautifully decorated with snowflakes. 

Knitted Skis Decoration

These are knitted ski's and they are so cute!
A really nice and unique decoration to add to your tree. 
They're £2 and perfect for lovers of a skiing holiday or those who just love to dream. I just thought they were adorable and deserved a mention. 

and finishing the post we have these snowman head baubles. 
Snowman Head Baubles - 4 Pack

A 4 pack for £3.
Hang frosty the snowman on your tree this Christmas. 
They are really simple and really cute.
Kids are bound to love them and adults will too. These are actually one of my favourite decorations featured in today's post.

I hope this give you some inspiration and gets you in the Christmas spirit.
Be prepared for more Christmas themed posts in the weeks to come.
You've been warned.

Thanks for reading
Loubee Lou

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