Tuesday, 16 December 2014

M&Co Blogger Challenge: All I Want For Christmas...

We all love creating our dream wish lists but what if you could get the chance to win it?!

M&Co are hosting a brilliant blogger competition where you could win your Christmas wish list and a feature on their website. So of course I had to give it a go.

*If you would like to enter, all the details are here. Don't forget to read the terms and conditions and everything you need to enter. Good Luck!*

My wish list is all about being warm and stylish this winter.

Petite Gingerbread Man Jumper
I haven't managed to find a Christmas jumper that I liked this year. My last jumper was great but I made the mistake of leaving it in with my cat...Far too hairy to ever wear again! 
All the others I have found have been too big for me. I am only 4ft 11 so even petite can be big sometimes. This cute jumper is small and stylish. I love it. 
Cream Fleece Slipper Boots
Why did I choose these? Because I want to look like a fuzzy sheep that's why. They're so cute!
Cherry Scented Fluffy Socks
Warm and scented?! Does it get better than that?
Hair Bobble 12 Pack
I found these in the teen section and the girly girl in me fell in love. They're sparkly and great to tie back my super long hair. 
Shiny Heart Necklace
Now this necklace is something I have been looking for for a while now. I used to have a necklace just like this but sadly it broke and I haven't found one to replace it yet. But voila!
Reindeer Print Fleece Onesie
Onesie's are the perfect way to keep warm this winter. I can't wait to curl up and watch all the soaps.
Space Dye Hat
This hat is gorgeous. I don't often find hats that I would usually wear so this is really a one off.

And that's it for my list. I would love to see these under my Christmas tree.
All of the items in my list total £59 which is unbelievable really.

Thanks for reading
Loubee Lou

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