Friday, 19 December 2014

The Gift You Can't Give Back.

I apologize for the inconsistent posting recently, it's been a rough couple of weeks for me.

Today's post is all about the wonderful gift our brain gives us every day of the year: Anxiety.
Cheers Brain, I love it...*Did you keep the receipt?*

Anxiety is something that sufferers deal with on a daily basis and it doesn't disappear just because it's Christmas. Oh it's quite the opposite.
In fact anxiety usually rockets at this time of year. But how can we cope with it?

It is difficult when the festive season demands that you be at your best and whack that big cheesy grin on your face. I know from experience how much Christmas takes out of you.
As a sufferer of social anxiety I always have extra trouble so I have put together a few tips to help you along this Christmas.

Go Easy On Yourself

This is tip number one. You live with your anxiety every day and you're a serious bad ass to even make the effort at Christmas time. Give yourself credit for everything you do. Having a little compassion towards yourself isn't a bad thing. You are not expected to be stupidly happy all of the time.

Take A Break

It's okay to admit that you're struggling. Take a moment to breathe and remove yourself from the situation. Everyone needs a moment to themselves and you are no different. If you have breathing techniques or calming routines that you do then do them!
Take yourself into the bathroom or your room if you're at home and do what you usually do. It's perfectly okay to do that.

Be Selfish

By this I just mean put yourself and your mental health first. This is just one day and it is stressful. But don't let this one stressful day damage any progress you've made on your journey. If you physically and mentally can't face a situation then you have to admit that.
Wherever you go (If you plan to have Christmas elsewhere) you have the right to leave at any time. Don't feel trapped.

Embrace it

Most people suffer with anxiety of varying degrees at Christmas. Whether it's related to cooking the dinner or getting all the presents sorted, it's a stressful time for almost everyone.
If you get caught in the wave of anxiety then ride it out. Go with it. As hard as that sounds, it can be a way of getting through and you get to experience the whole day.

Talk About It

I know this is a very daunting task but you'd be surprised at how understanding people are. When I first opened up to others about my anxiety I was terrified. What I didn't expect was the support and love I got from them. Be brave and be honest. You shouldn't feel like you have to pretend or be someone that you're not. You are you and that's very special.

If you have any tips or advice for anxiety sufferers then please leave them in the comments below.
I hope some of the tips above help you this festive season.
Enjoy it and don't forget to breathe.

Thanks for reading
Loubee Lou

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