Thursday, 1 January 2015

Boxing Day Sale Haul.

I'm actually chuffed that I worked the Blog title into the post title (Yep, that's as exciting as my life gets. Thrilling I know).
With Christmas done and dusted for another year it's time to grab a bargain in the boxing day sales.
I didn't go out on Boxing day but a couple of days after. You read that right, I went out!
I managed to pick up some lovely bits and bobs from several different places which was great. I thought I'd share with you the bargains I managed to grab and mention the best places offering the best deals.

Happy shopping!

I'm lucky to have a New Look store so close to where I live. In fact, there's quite a few but this one is walking distance (Hooray!).
The store was absolutely bursting with bargains.
Rails and rails full of gorgeous low priced clothing, bags and accessories.

I managed to choose my NYE outfit from the sale rails within about 15 minutes which made me a very happy girly.

This floral dress was only £8 down from £20.
*The only problem with the dress was these stupid padded cups. Being of bigger bust I certainly didn't need them in there and they made me very uncomfortable. The worst part was that there was no way to remove them!
So I just cut them out...literally cut them out. They were awful and so very fake!*

I teamed it with this black flower necklace for just a fiver. The initial price was £9.99 so I made quite a saving.

My purchases from New Look came to a grand total of £13.

Wilko's had some brilliant offers in store.
I couldn't believe some of the things they had on sale an at such low prices. This is the one place I'd highly recommend if you want to bag a bargain or two. The store has so may departments so there's something for everyone.

These adorable heart shaped hair rollers were just £1.50 and were found on a shelf that had everything 50% off.
This simple mini trio set was £3. Again half price. The set includes a face wash, a facial toner and a moisturizer.
The same high quality Simple products for half the price.
Can't go wrong really.

Last but far from least is my order from The Works.
I placed my order on Boxing day and it arrived on the last day of December (just 3 working days).
The nail painting salon cost me jut £2.99.
The kit contains nail stickers and several different tools to assist you when painting yours or someone else's nails. A great purchase for someone like me that loves nail art and decoration.

These fine tip pens were £3.99. In the pack there are 30 pens.
I love to doodle and design things so these were something I've been after for a while. These pens are usually very expensive so the second I found them in the sale I had to have them. I certainly haven't been disappointed. They are stunning and in such a gorgeous range of colours.

Then finally the loom band craze: It's still in full flow in my house and these bands were just 10p per packet, Of course I had to get some. The packs contain 1000 bands, a hook and lots of clips.
Some of them are scented, some of them are stripy and all of them were dirt cheap.

Thanks for reading
Loubee Lou

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