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Billy&Me: Book Review.

Coffee, crochet and a good book. Pretty much sums up my life. 
This book was recommended to me by Charlie over at LoveFromLarlie and I've finally got round to finishing it.

The book is Billy&Me by Giovanna Fletcher.

Giovanna Fletcher is an actress and author and probably most known for  being married to McFly's Tom Fletcher. 
Billy and Me is Giovanna's debut novel and I was very excited to read it. 

The book focuses on Sophie May and her life before and after meeting a famous actor who she falls in love with. It's a romantic novel at it's core that also focuses on the pressure of the media and the ups and downs of love and life. It looks at the pitfalls of fame and the reality of dealing with life's hurdles. 

The initial character outline was very relatable to me. The socially inept part that is. Sophie's blushing, constant feeling of embarrassment, uncontrollable panic attacks, I'm there. 

On the subject of panic attacks, I thought the description of the whole experience is one that you could only get from someone who has truly been there and knows what it's like. The process was so well written and included such accurate details. 
"I was going to die. I was sure of it". The wording is just perfect. 

Although the book is mainly a love story it's tinged with heartbreak and grief. The story does delve into a very sad yet common issue in life. Sophie carries blame for the death of her father despite it being an accident and her being a child. At times, my heart absolutely broke for Sophie and my eyes filled up several times for the pain she must have felt at such an awful time. 
"It was wrong for me to cry"
Sophie never grieved for her father and the emotions show in her behaviour and attitude towards her life and current situation. She bottled up so much emotion and that's something everyone can relate to. Whether it's loss, relationship breakdowns, moving on...We all bottle stuff up when we shouldn't.
There are some really touching moments in the book surrounding her father's death. A particularly moving moment for me was when Sophie and her mum finally discussed everything after years of evading the topic. I feel like Sophie and her mother both gained closure from such a small conversation and it was so touching. 

One thing that annoyed me about the book was the overuse of exclamation marks in the first two parts. It toned down closer to the end of the book. Either that or I just stopped noticing it. 

I loved the quirky commentary from Sophie throughout the book. It really added a charm to the book and gave us a sense of familiarity to the character.
"The finishing touch to my look is a nice dusting of flour from the mornings baking session. Yes, forever glamorous"
I found that I really understood her inner voice and sense of humour through these comments. 

Alongside Sophie, Molly is also a key figure in the book. 
Molly is a kind, caring and charismatic lady that encourages growth in Sophie. I saw Molly as a sort of guide. She brought Sophie out of her shell with her nurturing nature and came into Sophie's life when her mother wasn't fulfilling her emotional needs. Sophie felt like she'd also lost her mother and Molly was quick to fill the mother figure role. 
Molly also helped Sophie to realise that what happened to her father was a horrible accident and noting more. The reality of that really cemented their lifelong friendship.

This friendship also leads to undeniably the saddest most emotional part of the book. (Yes, I wept. I wont even deny it). Definitely an emotional roller coaster. 

The story is full of ups and downs and is perfect holiday material. But it also touches on real life, deep themes that everyone has been effected by at some point. Definitely much more than "chick lit".
I laughed, cried and cringed my way through the brilliant story. 
I cannot recommend this book enough!

You can grab a copy of the book here.

Gi's Twitter: @MrsGiFletcher

Thanks for reading
Loubee Lou

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  1. I loved this book, and Christmas with Billy and Me was good too.