Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Must Haves.

This month has gone by so quickly but I have managed to jot down a few of my favourite things!

The first product I've been loving is the Dark Orchid & Raspberry bubble bath from Avon.
It's so sweet and full of deep scents that take away the stresses of the day (and boy have I needed that this month).

Another thing I have been loving is my homemade lime cupcakes. I actually posted the recipe in a previous blog post which you can find if you click here. I changed the way I cooked them by putting them into cake cases instead which made them quicker and easier to prepare and bake.
Everyone in the house absolutely loves them: me included.

As mentioned before, the mini milk lip smacker has to make the list. I have loved the strawberry one (much like the actual lollies...oooh and the vanilla ones. Delicious!)
Chapped lips are always a problem for me and this has been a little saviour.

These blue raspberry tango bon bons were a little treat I picked up in my latest shopping trip. They are tongue painters so expect your tongue to go very very blue. The girls have absolutely loved them as you can imagine.
I wish they didn't have a sour twang because that's not my favourite...

And finally, the most important and special thing this month: Friendship.

This month me and my best friend went to see The Script at the O2 arena and not only was it immense, it was a chance for us to catch up face to face which we don't often get to do.
With my anxiety and about 2/3 hours between us, it's hard to just spend time together but luckily enough this month we did.
I am always so thankful to her for her support and friendship. Even when I feel like absolute poop, she's there to scoop me up and keep me moving forward.

Friendship really is a beautiful thing!

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  1. Fun blog post! Those cupcakes look delicious, I always love making them myself too. ;) Isabella x

    1. Thank you, the cupcakes are very tasty too! Yum :)