Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pound Store Haul.

Everyone loves a good bargain don't they?
Well with this latest haul I hit the pound store for some amazing deals.

The total spend was £28 and in this post I have included the majority of purchases.

Want to take a look at my box full of bargains? Let's go!

Just as a side note, I was really unhappy with the state of my box when it arrived earlier today...Just because I paid less for my products doesn't mean I'm happy for them to be damaged...(luckily enough, everything was in good condition and didn't obtain any damage).

(the cute little penguin guy is the logo of the pound store I ordered from)

First up are these bubblegum scented tissues with the looney tunes characters on the tissues and the outer packaging. I got 10 packets for £1. The girls absolutely love them and they smell so good.

One of my favourite purchases was this Yardley pressed powder (Apricot shade). It's a great full sized face powder that I'm definitely adding to my every day makeup bag.

This Instant foam hand sanitizer is absolutely brilliant. It does exactly what it says. When squirted out of the pump it is foamy and rubs in perfectly. It evaporates in about 10 seconds and locks to prevent accidental pumps.

Yet another of my favourite purchases is this Limited edition Vaseline tin. It's slightly tinted with a gorgeous red shade. Of course it has the same amazing nourishing properties of all the Vaseline products but with the added bonus of a beautiful colour.

I couldn't believe the size of this bb cream. I was expecting a small almost sample size but no. I got a proper sized item. I can't wait to try it!

One for the kids is this Toffee apple 2 in 1 shampoo from Naked. It smells nice (and a bit strange) and I know they'll love it.

Next is a product I've probably even mentioned in previous blog posts. The Osiris facial scrub is one I always turn to when I need a good cleanse.

Toothpaste. One of 3 I actually bought in this haul. I got this Beverly Hills formula along with 2 Colgate ones.
I like to have a variety as you can tell.

One product I wanted to try is this Charcoal scrub from Garnier. I was so excited when I saw that this was just £1. It's a large size and will last me a while
(hip hip hooray)

This cute little makeup palette was brought as an addition to my little sister's birthday present.
I thought it would make a cute little set for her to play with.

Another Vaseline product here.
This time it's the lip therapy cocoa butter balm.

Okay so it's time to admit something. I've never used or smelt a Yankee candle...
*pauses for gasps*
I may have fallen in love with the smell of this candle. It's so sweet and beautiful.

Ginger crunch creams. Because who doesn't love a snack.

Yet another makeup brush...I'm sorry.

I really liked the look of this cream. It's from Garnier again and this time it claims to help control shine, provide an instant matte look and visibly restore your faces natural radiance.
The oil control part sold it for me because I do often struggle with oily skin and it can be very difficult to manage.
Again, the product is large and I'll get a lot of use out of it.

BABY LIPS. Oh the obsession with these gorgeous things are (as always) through the roof. I do already have one but hey, here's another for the collection.

This In the buff body scrub comes from the Spaah! range and I am looking forward to trying it.
The product contains sea salt and almond oil.
Sounds good to me.

These two products are from Novi (which are kids dolls right?) and contain 4 lipglosses and 5 nail varnishes in various shades. The nail set also includes a detail brush. I got these for my sister for her birthday. Again they're something she'll absolutely love.

Finally, the biggest and best bargain of all.

This product was still just £1.
This would make a perfect gift for anyone.
The box contains 3 50ml bottles of strawberry body lotion, orange body scrub and blackberry shower gel.

Thanks for reading
Loubee Lou

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