Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Anti-stress Colouring Books: Do They Work?

Honestly, the whole idea of a colouring book that calms you down made me laugh out loud.
With everyday stresses consuming our lives, how can a colouring book help? 
That's just for kids right? WRONG! 

I recently got into a complete mess after having a depressive spell and I needed an outlet for some release. I've always loved doodling so when I saw an anti-stress colouring book on Amazon I was instantly drawn to it (haha, drawn...moving on). 
I was hesitant because of the obvious: it's just a colouring book. 
But I put my reservations aside and ordered a couple of books. One is designed to work against stress and the other is just a "colouring adventure" doodle book. 

My aim was to use the books as a focus when my mind gets flustered and I have to say it actually works! 

I was so impressed when I started the book because not only do you get to solely focus on the project but you also get to create beautiful doodles that really are your own. Although the doodles are already drawn for you, you feel a sense of accomplishment when looking at what you've created. 

The intensity of the drawings mean that you can only focus on the task at hand and after about 5 minutes of colouring, your brain starts to forget what you were stressed about allowing you a little bit of you time to work out how to move forward. 

I never thought I'd be the person who recommends these books but I really do. Obviously they aren't a long term solution but they are definitely a great assistant when it comes to beating and overcoming stress. 

They aren't miracle cures but they are definitely worth putting aside for those days when you need some relief.

I got mine from Amazon for £3.95 and the Millie Marotta one was a little more expensive I think. 
Have a look around different websites for alternative designs and styles. 
Give them a try and let me know what you think. 

Thanks for reading
Loubee Lou

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  1. Wow Louisa, your doodles are amazing ! Xx will have to check this book out, I love your review :) xxx hope you're having an amazing day, I'm so bored revising for my exams xoxo