Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bomb Cosmetics Haul!

Bomb Cosmetics. Those who have heard of it will be wooping and cheering along with me and those who haven't...you're in for a treat.
I absolutely adore stores like LUSH but I do find them a little pricey. I love the idea of natural products that are both good for your body, mind and skin and also good for the environment. 

I always look for products that don't test on animals and promote natural things like essential oils and soothing butters. 
I was scrolling through the internet for stores like LUSH that boast the same qualities but are more affordable. And then I stumbled across this hidden gem: Bomb Cosmetics. 

Their website clearly states their promises to you as a customer.
They outline this list of promises:
  • All the products are made on the premises
  • They're against animal testing
  • No animals, humans or the environment should suffer for our luxuries
  • The products are never testing on animals
  • They believe in the power of essential oils
  • Handmade is always better
  • They recycle (and use recycled materials) wherever possible
  • No money or resources are wasted
  • Natural ingredients are always preferred

They pride themselves on selling products that are not only luxurious and smell divine but they actually benefit your skin too. 
My beautiful box of goodies!!
I was so excited to get my hands on a wide range of their products. 
Here are the things I bought in my first ever order from Bomb Cosmetics and my first impressions of the products.

*There will be full reviews of the products and potential more from the range*

First of all, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful smell coming from the box and I hadn't even opened it yet!
The box is pink (...you know I loved that) and full of colourful little wotsit thingys..You know what I mean. It made opening it so much more exciting because it was like a lucky dip. I delved into the box and pulled out something beautiful. 

Another great thing was the delivery time. I ordered the goodies on Wednesday and they were in my hands by Friday. Super impressed!

My haul came to £32.38 with free delivery.

First up are these little wax melts called Little Hotties. This box contains 4 different fragrances: 2 parma violet, 1 lemon and 1 pear and that cost £6.99.           The idea of these is to place around 3 of them in the top of an oil burner. Light a tea light and place it in the section underneath and voila. The little hotties will melt down and release the fragrance of your choice. I was skeptical that 3 little melts will fill the whole room with fragrance and boy was I surprised. Just 3 little hotties were enough to fill the whole house with the smell of parma violets!! I live in a 3 story town house so that's quite a task but everyone came into the living room searching for the source of the deliciously sweet smell. I have burned them every day since. I will 100% being going online and ordering several boxes more. I can't wait to try some other fragrances. 

Now for soaps. I ordered 3 different ones that each smell very different. I love how beautiful and unique they all are. They are bright, big and smell lovely. I haven't got round to using them all yet but I have opened the Planet Rock one and it is so strong and soothing. All of these soaps came in at £2,49. Clouds Over Cairo is a different shape. It is on the website as a Soap Cake. This was actually bought as a gift for someone else so I can't exactly open it and use it...I love the design and the star confetti sprinkled all over it. It's very girly and gorgeous. This again was £2.49.


Bath bombs!

All of them were £2.29 with the exception of the Raspberry Ripple one which was only £2.09.

I was really impressed with the size of the bombs. I was half expecting them to be tiny considering the price I paid but no. The colours are so bold and the attention to detail is amazing,

I have used the Hippy Hippy Shake bomb and have a full review that needs to be drafted. Overall reaction was a positive one.

I am so impressed with every purchase from this site and will be placing another order pretty soon.

I am sure I have found my new go to site for all things bath and bubbles.

Last but certainly not least is the Island Tiara bath creamer coming in at £2.09. 

This is considerably smaller than the other products but oh my it's beautiful. AND GLITTERY!
Pink, glitter...need I say more.

Visit their website: Bomb Cosmetics
Keep up to date with all things bubbly over on their Twitter, Facebook or their Instagram

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