Monday, 25 May 2015

Hippy Hippy Shake Blaster Review!

Hello again, 

Today I bring to you a review of a gorgeous product from my lovely Bomb Cosmetics haul

This one is the Hippy Hippy Shake Blaster!

Oh behold my beautiful photography!

This product was £2.29 so an absolute bargain in my eyes. 

The product description boasts so many different scents including patchouli and red fruits.

I absolutely loved the vivid colours and the initial colour explosion when it hits the water. Eventually the water settles at a murky grey/blue colour which is a little disappointing. 
The bomb took around 45 seconds to completely fizzle out and dissolve leaving no grit or residue. 

The bomb was very sweet and soothing without being sickly or overbearing. 
The scents left me feeling both calm and creative. I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt. I also felt really uplifted when leaving the water. 

Another great thing is that the scent settled on my skin and lingered for a good few hours. I haven't ever found a product that managed to do that. It smelt just as strong as it did in the water. 

The bomb didn't leave a weird greasy mark/line around the bath like many other products have previously. It rinsed away nicely and left the room smelling of loveliness. 

Have you tried the Hippy Hippy bomb?

Thanks for reading
Loubee Lou

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