Monday, 15 June 2015

Please Don't Put Me In A Box.

Good morning,

So today is the big appointment with the psychiatrist that I've been waiting months for and to say I'm pooping my pants would be an understatement.

Today could be the day my life changes forever and I don't know how prepared I am for that.

My biggest fear is one that's shared with many across the mental health spectrum. I am terrified I'm going to be put in a box and forgotten about.
Everyone is quick to label things and that includes people. I am so scared that today I will be labelled and that will be it. The journey will cease because I have my label.

But what if I don't agree with the label? What if it's the wrong one? What if there's no label for me?
What then...?

In my mind, I can't see beyond today. I am just focusing on the task at hand and potentially getting to the route of my agoraphobia, depression, mood swings etc.

I have to see that as a positive don't I?

It's difficult because I know that this is only the start. The real start.
Having a diagnosis or a label will allow me to come to terms with the fact that what goes on in my mind is beyond my control. I am normal for someone with that label and that's all we want to do: Fit in to the norms.

2:30pm I'm ready for you.

Thanks for your love and support
Loubee Lou

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