Sunday, 12 July 2015

Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter!

Louise Pentland: Vlogger, blogger, super mum and now author?

This YouTube sensation is one of my favourite people and the excitement surrounding this book was super high. 

The book is organised into 4 sections all jam packed with fun ideas, funny anecdotes (cough...poo man date...cough) and so much variety.
My favourite section is without a doubt the final one. It's so honest and relatable that I was brought to tears in several sections. It was so full of emotion and definitely touched my heart.

The design of the book is very feminine and unique. The doodles and drawings really add a friendly feel to the book and makes it feel extra Louise-y. The book is also filled with lovely quotes that both inspire and motivate. I am definitely a quote hoarder so I adored this feature.
Alongside this is some beautiful photos featuring the lovely Miss Darcy.
It's pink, pretty and blooming perfect!

The great thing about this book (well, one of the great things) is that it covers sensitive subjects as well as light hearted and fun topics. The book flits between the two with ease. The book provides beautifully honest advice with no condescension.

Body confidence is something Louise has always focused on in her blog posts, videos and life in general and that really shows. Her positive energy flows through the pages and sends out all sorts of happy vibes.
To me, the body confidence section was like a big warm hug. I have to say that I did read tear up when reading about the reality of loving our bodies. Louise puts it so eloquently and isn't afraid to say what should be shouted from the rooftops. We shouldn't be afraid to be confident about who we are and what we look like. We are all human and we are all special. We need to remind ourselves of that every single day.

There is also a beautiful section about kindness and the power it gives us. The whole idea of brightening someone's day with such simple acts is very sweet.

I think everyone needs to read this book. I think mothers should pass it down to their daughters and so on. It's an honest manual to all things life.

In summary, the book is like having a little bit of Louise with you. It's full of wonderful Louise-isms and it's guaranteed to have you in stitches. She has clearly poured her heart and soul into this book and you feel it with every page you read.
It's an all round good read that will have you tearing up one minute and laughing out loud the next.
It definitely tickles my pickle!

It looks like Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter is pretty damn good.

If you want more glitter in your life then there are various social media channels you can find listed below :)

The book is available in all good book stores and online at places like Amazon.

I hope you loved the book just as much as I did

Thanks for reading
Loubee Lou

Oh, and just to put it out there...I want my own Jack Howard. Yes...I do. 

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