Sunday, 30 August 2015

I Knew You Were Trouble.

A summer in Hollywood. A rich and famous dad, two love interests to choose from. What's not to love? Jessie Jefferson is about to find out...

Now I haven't read any previous novels by Paige Toon but that didn't hinder my enjoyment of the story one bit. There are a few references to the previous story but they're all explained in one way or another. (I definitely want to go and grab every book by Paige Toon though!)

Now I don't want to give any of the story away but here's a little teaser. 

Jessie returns to the UK from a whirlwind summer in LA with her newly found rock star dad!
Jessie returns to her day to day life and things are looking great. A brand new friend, getting close to her crush...but then all that changes.
It's all under wraps until someone spills to the media and they turn Jessie's life (and love life) upside down.

The story is really easy to follow and has you hooked from the very beginning.
The plot is a great pace and features so many twists and turns. 

The book features some hard to approach subjects such as Jessie's mums death. The story is very delicate with the issue and tackles it in a very soft way. 
It's all written very well. 

I really loved getting stuck in to this book.

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Lots of Love

*I was sent this book in exchange for my honest opinion :)

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