Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Medication Update.

So it's been a while since I posted a personal thing so today, that's what you're getting.

You may have seen my previous post about Quetiapine and the annoying and horrible side effects of it (you can click here for the post).
Well last Thursday I had an appointment with my psychiatrist to discuss how I feel and how if I think the tablets are working.
The tablets work like a dream.
I've been getting on buses every Monday and Tuesday as well as getting out and about up London to the zoo and other attraction which a few years ago was unimaginable.
My anxiety on transport is still there but it's suppressed which is exactly what I need.
I've also been more confident when phoning people and communicating which makes me so happy
Trouble is, I can't stay awake on the bloody things!

On the leaflet that comes with the tablets it lists the sleepiness/drowsiness/blurred vision I've been experiencing and says it should go within 6 weeks. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for me.
When I take Quetiapine (twice a day as instructed) within the hour I have to lay down because my eyes are strained, my limbs feel weak and I have a really strong urge to sleep which I have to give in to. Otherwise my whole body aches, I'm stressed and I have a lingering tiredness which to me increases that depressed feeling.

I told my psychiatrist all about this and how it's impossible to live a life on those tablets despite how well they work.
He then prescribed me the same tablets but with 1 difference. These ones are prolonged release which means I take 200mg once at night and the effects of the tablets are shared equally throughout the day and not in one harsh dose.

It really made me laugh in his office when he said why the GP's wouldn't be happy...These tablets cost 30x more than the original pills.

Oh the irony.
They are happy to send people for 16 sessions of ineffective and useless CBT but will get the hump over tablets that can change someone's life. 
That's what you get! HA!

I have been taking them for 3 days and I already feel so much better.
I can happily walk out the door without the fear of passing out or suddenly becoming overwhelmingly tired.
I can stay awake all day without blurred vision/weak limbs or anything. I am so happy and relieved that I can stay on these tablets without having to worry.

Lots of Love

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