Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Jump(er) In To Christmas!

This was a pretty popular post last year so here it is again.
My selection of the best and reasonably priced Christmas jumpers available.

This cute one is from New Look.
This is one if you want to go all out.
Not only is it 3D but it also lights up!
It's a nice soft fabric and very very festive.
Red 3D Light Up Rudolf Christmas Jumper  | New Look
It comes in at £24.99

This next one is from H&M.
The reason I like this one is because of it's simplicity.
It isn't in your face but it is still Christmassy and cute.
Another great thing is it's £12.99!

Jumper number 3 is from BHS.
I actually bought my sweater from here and I love it.
They are all so reasonably priced and really comfy which is exactly what you want at Christmas (especially when you've stuffed your belly with food).


A couple from George at Asda.
These guys outdo themselves every year.
This year's selection is bigger and better than ever.

I love this one because of the neckline detail.
I love it! It's so pretty.
It's also embellished with sequins so you know, you can't go wrong.
Holly Jolly Christmas Jumper

This one might just be my favourite...Look how cute it is!!!
I love the whole design of this.
So Christmassy and so cute.

Now this one is a bit out there with bold images but I think that's a part of it's charm.
I really like the design I think it's so festive.

I came across this one in store at Tesco.
This one called to me because it has a zip!
If you're like me and you get hot easily then this is brilliant.
Plus it's super duper cute.

So that's your lot.
Have you got your Christmas jumper?
Merry Christmas!

Lots of Love

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