Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Body Shop Invasion!

So I may have a slight obsession with The Body Shop.
It was only when I got home from another visit to their store (yes, with a bag full of goodies) that I realised how many products I actually own and adore.

Here is a list of all the products from their store that I'm loving right now.

Christmas came along and I went in store to have a sniff of their new/limited edition products.
And Oh My God!!
I fell in love with all 3 fragrances: Glazed apple, frosted cranberry and frosted plum.
My favourite by far is the Glazed apple range...I instantly loved it. It's my all time favourite scent from anywhere!
So of course, I stocked up. I also asked for it as gifts at Christmas time.
The products I have are *takes a deep breath*
shower gel
shimmer mist
shimmer body lotion
lip balm
sugar scrub.
I didn't manage to get the candle at Christmas time but when I went into store last week they had some on the shelf. I was so excited. Candles in my favourite scent?! Yes please!
I haven't used it yet but I know I will love it.

As I mentioned the Christmas range had two other scents that I loved.
The cranberry bath fizzers are amazing.
One of those little blocks filled my bath with a milky pink colour and a scent that goes on and on.
The frosted plum sugar scrub hasn't been opened yet (still lavishing my body in glazed apple) but is next in line.

Something I picked up at the counter for 50p was this Vanilla Bliss shower gel.
It smells like custard and I adore it.

When I'm not wearing my shimmer mist, I reach for this beautifully sweet fragrance - Early harvest raspberry EDT. It is gorgeously fruity and is great for those warm spring days.

Now for my holy grail product!
*plays holy music*
Lightening drops!
For anyone who struggles to find the perfect foundation -either because it's too orange or too dark- this is the best product you could ever own.
This allows me to create the best shade for my skin. Another thing you can do is add extra drops to your foundation to create a thicker concealer for under the eyes and blemishes. It works a treat!

I am always looking to try new products from The Body Shop so if you have any recommendations then let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love

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