Thursday, 5 May 2016

20 Things That Make Me Happy.

It's ridiculous how much I focus on the negativity in my life!

I spend way too long dwelling on the things I cannot change and worrying about things that are way beyond my control.
So today, I wanted to take some time out to think and share 20 things that make me smile and give me that little happiness boost.
Whether the boost is temporary or longer lasting it really doesn't matter.

Some small things and some big things- Here's my list.

  1. Cats. Having them, cuddling them... They're just my babies and give me endless joy.
  2. Finishing a project. For example, I love to crochet blankets and it always makes me happy when I have the finished product in my hand.
  3. Shopping. In particular, getting things for a bargain. I love finding good quality stuff that's on sale or discounted. That makes me happy.
  4. Going to the zoo. We (me, my mum and my sisters) have a ZSL membership and it's one of the best things we've ever bought. I love the whole experience and it always makes days so much better. Animals are always fascinating and fun.
  5. Giving gifts. I don't just mean for birthdays or Christmas. I mean just picking things up for people just because it reminds me of them or because they'd like it.
  6. Making other people smile. A simple pleasure in life is being responsible for the smile on someone's face.
  7. Being in my pyjamas. Nothing like being comfortable and snuggling up.
  8. Moomin. For those of you who don't know what 'moomin' is, it's this guy. Image result for moomin                                                                                                  I used to watch him all the time and I loved him. Now I have little moomin things everywhere including a plus toy that I just love. Moomin makes me happy.
  9. Reading inspiration blog posts. This usually comes from Sprinkle Of Glitter's blog. She does a thing called Motivational Monday and they are always so uplifting and encouraging. They make me happy when I read them.
  10. Waking up naturally. Sounds weird but I hate alarms! I really hate them so on those days when I wake up naturally I really appreciate it.
  11. Following on from that, I love waking up to the birds singing. They make such a beautiful sound and it's a lovely way to wake up.
  12. Listening to music. I love most music. Especially those songs with meaningful lyrics and songs that mean something to me. I always love listening to David Gray, James Bay, Pink, Adele, Sia, Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato alongside many other great artists.
  13. Glitter, sparkles... just twinkly things.
  14. The colour pink. It is and always has been my favourite colour.
  15. Being open about who I am and what I go through. It's only when I find someone I can be honest with that I realise how happy that makes me. I tend to hold a lot back from people mainly through fear of rejection or judgement but I do trust a few people and the relief of them knowing everything about you is really something I treasure. Being open and free is a really lovely feeling.
  16. Clothes that fit me nicely/well. I hate being uncomfortable and "feeling fat" so when I find clothes that flatter my shape I feel like a new woman (Adoring the Cameo Rose dresses from New Look). It does give you so much more confidence.
  17. Talking to new people and really connecting. You'd think that with my anxiety, I'd hate it but I love reaching out to people that have similar interest/problems/ideas. I love talking to people (usually over the internet but sometimes in real life too haha)
  18. Watching my favourite films/shows. For films it's usually Dirty Dancing, The Divergent movies, Vampire Academy, Most Disney movies. For shows it's Once Upon A Time, Hollyoaks and Eastenders to name just a few.
  19. Baths. I adore baths. I love really hot baths with bubbles, bombs, candles.. the lot. It's my favourite thing to do. Bathe.
  20. And finally, love. Love makes the world go round and whether you're feeling love from your family, a pet, your partner or from the kind act of a stranger, it's a beautiful feeling. It's a feeling like no other. A feeling I like to fill my life with. Love is the ultimate joy.

I'd love to know what makes you happy!
Comment or create your own post and link it below.

Lots of Love

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