Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Luminous Bazaar Crystal Infused Aromatherapy Elixirs!

I was recently contacted by a company I had never heard of before. Their name is The Luminous Bazaar (Fab name right!).

So I had to do some research myself and here's what I found:

"We combine traditional techniques and formulae with contemporary design and our own unique aesthetic honed by styling in London and New York on high end fashion, film and music shoots in order to source and produce exquisite leather goods, sumptuous oils and fragrances as well as meticulously designed and crafted Fine Gemstone Jewellery. 
We select materials, charms, symbols and colours by considering both the aesthetic and metaphysical properties requisite to enhance your well being and ensuring you are lit from the inside out."

I tried the Aromatherapy Crystal roller ball scents.

I usually stick to certain scents so straying from them was a little difficult but I stuck with it.

I love a product that has a story/meaning/purpose behind it.
These are not only scents but they use aromatherapy oils and are crystal infused giving them other properties too. Each roller ball contains a special combination of essential oils and crystals to contribute and promote different moods and help with different ailments.
Of course, not everyone believes in crystal healing or using oils for assistance but I know first hand how special essential oils are and the power they have. I think these are wonderful.

I also love the diversity of the scents. Quite typically you can pick up two perfumes in a store and they smell almost identical. Not with these. They almost have little personalities. The unique combination of oils and crystals in these products make them so deep and different.
No two are the same in terms of smell/properties.

So let me have a little go at describing the scents.

The first one I tried was Pax.
One word: Soothing.
I don't know what it was about this one but I just felt so relaxed. I would apply it to my pulse points (mainly my wrists) and find myself sniffing it throughout the day...a lot. It is so calming and has feint citrus notes.
The main scent is lavender and you smell that for a while but when that settles the citrus seeps through and is the lasting scent. The lavender remains subtly in the background creating a lovely floral fruit scent.

Next was Move On Up.
This one is amazing. It smells like orange sweeties.
I smell a delicious mix of orange and vanilla. It creates the perfect sweet summer scent.
This one was a contender for my favourite  (and as I type this, I have rolled all the scents on again and am wondering if this is in face my favourite. This one is very special).
I feel like this one is happiness in a bottle. It's like bottled sunshine. It just made me feel really good (and smell great).

The next one has the same name as the last but is a unisex blend which has a very different scent.
This one smells like lemons but also like Earl Grey tea... Does that sound weird?
It has a really zesty fragrance but also a musky undertone which is nice. And the longer you wear it, the more you can smell mint peeping through.
It's very nice. I found this one tingled when I applied it too.

And of course, I had a favourite which was Mad Love.
One word to describe it would be Sultry. Another would be Spicy.
It has a very deep, sexy scent. Very alluring and attractive.
The first scent you get is Clove followed by a sweet vanilla note. It is very feminine and yet very powerful. This is the one I found myself reaching for.
I think this is a perfect date night scent but also works in the day when you're feeling fiery and fierce.

I really enjoyed these and I know that two of the scents will be in my handbag as my go to fragrances.

I think this is really important to mention. This is the nicest company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. All too often, brands are very matter of fact and generic when they reach out to you. The person that spoke to me was very aware of my blog/has read my other posts and was honestly so kind and supportive. It was like talking to an old friend!
Working with them has been an absolute pleasure.

Lots of Love

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