Monday, 8 August 2016


International Cat Day (or every day as it's known in my house) is the day I want to introduce you to the loves of my life.

You know the term 'crazy cat lady'? Yeah, that fits me pretty well.
Cats are my absolute favourites.
They make me endlessly happy and make my heart all warm and fuzzy.

I have 3 cats.
I have a boy and a girl that are indoor cats but I also care for a stray cat and have done for the last 4 years. 

What I always find striking is how unique they all are. Each cat has a personality that shines through.

Cats often have a reputation of being quite distant and cold. Someone should tell that to my little girl! Every day I wake up with a purring ball of fluff on or around my head. She even wakes me up in the middle of the night just for cuddles. Spoilt little madame!
I got her the day after valentines day and although I didn't know it at the time, she was actually about 3 weeks old. I had to feed her milk and soften her biscuits because she didn't even have any teeth! She was so tiny and depended on me for pretty much everything and although it was so hard at the time, I wouldn't change it for the world.

My indoor boy is very special. He came to us in a really bad way. He was aggressive, riddled with fleas, frightened of everything and had serious anxiety around strangers and new things. He would hide or lash out when threatened. Admittedly he still does this sometimes especially around men but after 5 years, he snuggles, he purrs and he lives a comfortable and happy life.
He takes affection on his terms and will do anything for a treat (Felix crispies are his faves).

And my baby stray. This little guy doesn't come in my house but I look after him the best I can.
He first started coming to the garden and sitting on our fence but when I would open the door he would run. He was so scruffy and skinny that I knew he was a stray. There are lots of stray cats in and around my area but this little guy really got to me. One day, I was looking out the window when I saw him eating out of a rubbish bag in the middle of the busy street not moving for cars and almost getting hit several times. I couldn't handle the idea that he was so hungry he would risk his life for a bit of food so I went out into the garden armed with a plate of cat food and some treats and just sat there. It took him a while (about an hour give or take) but eventually he approached and began eating. I checked him over to make sure he wasn't hurt and gave him a little tickle. And the rest is history.
He now has a little house in the garden, gets fed two to three times a day with constant access to water and never lets a day go by without a cuddle. I even crochet him blankets to go inside his house.

For me, the connection to these animals runs deeper. These cats have been my therapy animals.
I am a believer in fate and the idea that everything happens for a reason. 
My boy came to me when I was suffering high anxiety and didn't really know who to talk to or what to do. He gave me someone to talk to that wouldn't judge me. He was just there whenever I'd had a bad day or just needed a cuddle. He somehow sensed when I needed him. He would come to me, curl up on my lap and just start purring and instantly I would feel the tension just disappear. 
There is nothing more effective than a purring cat to calm you down.

My girl came to me when I needed a distraction. If you've read my posts before you'll know that I have bipolar disorder alongside a personality disorder which was undiagnosed at the time. When I got her, I wasn't myself. I was struggling with my depression and constantly felt useless and hopeless. Insomnia was a real problem too.Then all of a sudden, there she was. I had to focus everything I had on her. I had to put someone else's life before mine because she needed me. Insomnia was okay and justified because I had to be awake to make sure she as alright or to feed her or cuddle her. She was so tiny but so adventurous and would often climb heights she couldn't get down from... Silly little fluff ball. She gave me a purpose as silly as that might sound.

There is nothing more beautiful than simply living beside these wonderful creatures and despite their reputation, they bring so much love and happiness into a family and into a life.

So Happy International Cat day!

Lots of Love

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