Monday, 14 November 2016

My Christmas Bath and Bubbles Lust List!

Christmas, Christmas, Chriiiiiiiistmaaaaas!
*I'm only a little bit excited...*

I absolutely love buying gifts but I know that I am the worst person to buy for. Every year, Christmas time comes around and I get the 'Loubeeee, what do you want for Christmas?' and I am stumped.
For some reason, the holidays come around and I go blank. I spend so long saying 'ooh I love this' and 'Ahh that's so nice!' but I can never think of gifts for people to get me.
However, there is always something I do love: Bath stuff!

As most of you know I absolutely love bath time. Getting in the bath is one of my favourite things so obviously I am a lover of all things bubbles and bombs!
So here is my lust list, filled with all the bath bits I wouldn't mind finding underneath my tree this year!

So Lush products of course make it onto my list. And not even just their Christmas products either!
Shooting Stars soap
Shooting Stars Soap
Reindeer Rock soap
Reindeer Rock Soap
Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

Intergalactic Bath Bomb
Star Dust bath bomb
Star Dust Bath Bomb
and finally...
Karma Bubble Bar (My absolute favourite!)

Bomb Cosmetics is a fond favourite of mine, I absolutely love them and these are the products I want to get my hands on:
Santa Baby Soap Slice
My all time favourite soap Santa Baby
Winter Wonderland Gift Pack
Winter Wonderland Gift Pack
Wrappers Delight Soap
Wrapper's Delight Soap
Bath Bauble Blaster 160g
Bath Bauble Blaster
Candy Land Gift Pack
Candy Land Gift Pack
Dash Away Bath Blaster 160g
Dash Away Bath Blaster

Okay, I want all of them.... Everything...Absolutely everything.

Moving on, I love Baylis & Harding and this year, they have brought out the limited edition scent Royale Bouquet which is a modern take on an English garden. It features scents like peach, poppy and blackberry.
This set features bath crystals, creme, soak and other lovely bits. It just had to make it onto the list!

Last but not least, Mix & Fizz Bath Fizzers!
These sounds wonderful. I came across them in Superdrug and almost bought them there and then!
The scents are Pina Colada, strawberry Bellini and mango and passion fruit Daiquiri. Wonderful right?

Is it possible to buy the whole Bomb Cosmetics Christmas range?
For me, Bomb Cosmetics wins hands down in terms of their Christmas products.
Their products are so beautiful and just...  Can you tell that I just love them so much?

Are there any products you always love to find under the tree?

Lots of Love

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