Monday, 19 December 2016

Being Grateful at Christmas.

I absolutely love Christmas as I've mentioned several times
I feel festive from my head to my toes.

But Christmas is also very stressful and I think it's so important to take time out to be thankful and grateful for everyone and everything that makes it run smoothly or just makes the season a little easier. 

So this is just a little post mentioning some of the things I greatly appreciate at this time of year.

My local post office/Royal Mail in general.

Having long distance friends is difficult especially at Christmas time. With my anxiety and other issues, meeting up with people isn't always an option so having a reliable and very lovely post office just up the road really helps me out. I know that I can spoil my friends and send them some Christmas spirit. It helps me to feel connected to them and feel like they're as much a part of my Christmas as my family. And of course, I can send out Christmas cards to family and friends I wont get to see.
Royal Mail often gets a lot of stick (whether that's because of strikes, delays...blah blah) but I really appreciate all the work they do. They definitely make my Christmas easier!

The endless support of my friends and family.

It is at Christmas that we're reminded how important family is.
The thought of being alone at Christmas breaks my heart and I am always grateful when I look around and see a wonderful network of people surrounding me.
I am a lucky girl.

Big family= Lots of gingerbread to make!

My mum.

Coming off of family, my mum deserves a special mention.
This woman props me up, carries me, supports me, comforts me, never lets me down, is patient with me and most of all, loves me with all her heart.
My mum is my bestest friend and I love her more than anything in this world.

She always makes Christmas a joy and I am SO grateful and thankful to her for everything.

My Cats!

Yes, you heard me...My cats!
I get so stressed at this time of year and there is nothing better than cuddling a cat.
Hearing their soothing purrs as they snuggle with you...It's my favourite thing.
You just can't look at a sleeping kitty and feel stressed... And if they're really deeply asleep, they start to snore... That is one of my all time favourite noises, It makes my heart melt.

Under the tree every year without fail.
5 years and he still keeps up the tradition.

The blogging community/Twitter friends!

Typical blogging scene here.
Lovely cinnamon latte and a Christmassy desktop. Bliss.
Over the last couple of months, I have tried to immerse myself into the world of blogging and really try and interact with others like me. I have followed a load of blogs and have absolutely loved reading their posts and losing myself in the whole community.
It is so nice to see others blogging about things they're passionate about.
I often feel like my blog isn't good enough and I have serious doubts sometimes about whether to carry on or not but recently I have seen an increase in views/readers and I have also had some lovely messages of encouragement and I appreciate every single one of them.
You have no idea how much it makes me smile!

Merry Christmas!


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