Thursday, 15 December 2016

Christmas Tree Tour!

Christmas tree tour? Is that a thing?

Either way, I wanted to show you my lovely little Christmas tree and the cute decorations I have on there.

So here it is:

We always have an artificial tree (one because we have cats and those pine needles are awful and two, I cant be bothered with the lights. This pre-lit tree is a beaut).

We have had the same star for a good few years now. We all love it so it stays.

As for the decorations. we have some basic white fuzzy baubles that we grabbed from Wilkos, some jingle bells and beads but we also have a few unique ones that we've picked up along the way that I wanted to show you.
The top left and bottom right are very old! Passed down I believe. I always remember them on our tree when I was young and they're essential. Christmas isn't Christmas without these on the tree.
The robin is clipped on (we have 2 of them). It reminds me of the little robin we get visiting our garden every winter.
As for the hedgehog, I saw him sitting on the shelf in Wilkos all by himself and I adored him. I love woodland creatures. I think he looks so freaking cute!!
These two are from Tesco's. Again the derr...woodland creature. Plus it's gold and glittery with a PINK bow.
Snowflake is beautiful. It catches the lights on our tree and sparkles. So beautiful.

We also like to have little decorations around the tree/area.
The little pudding is from the Card Factory and is new this year. Actually, I bought it last week.
I've sat it on some presents near the tree... Just look at that smiley face!

As for the polar bears...I have a mild obsession.
The teeny one came from a Kinder egg and we bought the sparkly one alongside the others from Tesco's but he doesn't hang on the tree. Yes, that's because I didn't want to separate the polar bears okay?!
The polar bears actually have that fuzzy texture that our baubles have and I am actually in love with them. 
(Both from Wilkos)
He has a scarf!! Just ahhhhhhh!

Obviously we have no theme. I like it that way. If we like it, it goes on the tree. Simple as that.
I adore our Christmas tree and love every second it's up.
So much so I never want to take it down...

Merry Christmas!


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