Saturday, 17 December 2016

Mental Illnesses at Christmas...

Hello guys,
I hope you've been enjoying the daily posts this week.
This is just a little one for you today.
I have tried to keep things light and festive but there I felt like this has to be talked about.

As a mental health sufferer, I know that Christmas -while being a lovely time of year- can be a real struggle. How do you get up and be merry when you just want to stay in bed and ignore the world?

I think it's always important to remind people that mental illnesses don't go away just because it's Christmas.

People with social anxiety don't wake up with the sudden ability to be the life and soul of the party.
People with depression don't just 'cheer up' or 'snap out of it'.
People with personality disorders can't change who they are.
People with bipolar can't control their mood swings or irritability.
Mental illnesses don't go off and hibernate for the Winter.

December is a wonderful month but it isn't miraculous.

But still we try.

We push ourselves that little bit harder to make people happy and make sure everyone is enjoying the festive period. We also try hard to get some enjoyment out of it for ourselves and all this trying can be really exhausting.
Not only do we have to deal with the stresses of Christmas, be we have to out up with ignorant bastards that love to play into the stigma by selling 'Obsessive Christmas Disorder' jumpers or candles (Yes, candles...) and while I'm sure it's meant in jest, it isn't funny. Not even in the slightest and it certainly doesn't help.

Speaking from personal experience, my anxiety sky rockets when I have presents to buy, cards to write, money to worry about, decorations to put up alongside many other things. Social anxiety is my big thing so Christmas shopping and socialising takes its toll on me. I have to be constantly monitoring how my mental health is too to make sure I don't get overwhelmed or in a state.
All this means that I am increasingly irritable and I do snap...Stress gets to everyone.

I just wanted to remind every single person that we are trying just like you.
Christmas can be really tricky and difficult to get through when you have so much going on but with support, love and patience, we can get through it and who knows, maybe even have a good time.

Christmas is stressful for everyone and we're all so busy but I urge everyone to just give your friends/family that extra bit of attention and care whether they have mental health issues or not because you never who might be struggling.

If you need/want some extra support this Christmas time then don't be afraid to ask for it or find it for yourself.
Here are a few websites that might be helpful:

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.
Lots of Love

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