Friday, 27 January 2017

December/January's Tried & Tested.

It's my first Tried & Tested post of 2017!

I have tried so many new things recently and as there was no December post, I have thrown in a few of my favourite things from then too.

First up is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Quench Lip Rescue Trio.

The trio contains 3 shades; Berry, Nude and Rose.
Described as 'a big drink of water for your lips' I had really high hopes for these. Plus I had heard so many good things about Tarte products so when I saw these on QVC I decided to go for it.
I really don't like the feel of lipsticks on my lips and gloss can be a bit too much but with these, you get the colour of a soft lipstick and the nourishment of a balm. 
The product itself is extremely silky and smooth on the lips and not overly sticky.
There's also a little hint of peppermint which tingles on the lips (Mint is known to make the lips appear plumper and plus it smells great).

I absolutely love using them!
As an added bonus the packaging is stunning and unique. Mermaid vibes!!
My one complaint is that the colour doesn't last and you do have to reapply often. For the price I would have expected the colour to be a bit longer lasting.
They're available at QVCuk for £28.68.

I love Superdrug. I cannot resist going in there and on one of my many trips, I found this palette from Makeup Revolution called Fortune Favours the Brave. I do love a palette so I picked it up. This contains both pressed and bakes eye shadows.

This palette was designed by a British beauty blogger and is aesthetically very nice however I found that the colour pay off isn't very good if you use the brush provided. You really have to swirl the brush to pick up any colour and as the individual shades are quite small that can be difficult. 
I think the shade selection is brilliant and contains many shades to create many different looks. The colours are very bold and usually with a palette the colours are very similar. This however is incredibly unique and 'out there' with its colour choices from deep navy and green to soft pinks. Some of the shades have a wonderful shimmer to them which just makes things even better.
 The palette has a big mirror which is actually very useful. 

I absolutely love Super Gold, Golden Coins and Favour but New World is incredible! I use it all the time to add so much shimmer. It works as a highligher too. It is glorious!

Nail wraps. Do you use them?
I hadn't up until Christmas eve when I was desperately searching for the right shade of nail varnish to go with my red dress. Could I find one? No.
I was running out of time and the party was creeping ever closer...
Then I found these 'Candy Cane' nail wraps from Avon that I bought ages ago but never got the chance to use.
Holy moly they are wonderful. And SO easy!
I feel enlightened.

The instructions were simple: Find the right size. peel them off, stick them on and file/trim off the excess. I managed to do my nails in 10 minutes -Yes, it was that easy.
Off I went to the party and I got so many compliments! Everyone was asking how I did them and I was more than happy telling them how bloomin' easy it was! (Nail wraps got lots of promo from me that night).
I am totally hooked on them now and have a nice selection ready to use as and when.

So there you go, a little selection of goodies I have tried in Dec/Jan. 

Did you try anything new in January?


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