Saturday, 11 February 2017

Testing Primark Makeup.

A lot of high street clothing stores have branched out into makeup. 
They offer everything from foundations to highlighers, brow kits to nail varnishes.
But my question is: Is it any good?

Well recently I went into Primark and picked up a selection of goodies from their makeup range PS... to judge for myself.

First off I wasn't impressed with their display. Now this is an important factor for me because I love the process of buying makeup and sampling what they have to offer.
No products were labelled as testers so people had taken it upon themselves to open their own.
The majority of the products displayed at the front had been opened and used so I had to rummage to find those that hadn't been tampered with. I spent quite a while reaching to the back of the shelves trying to grab the nicest ones. It wasn't pleasant.

But onto the products. Which products were a yes and which were a big no?

Lets start with the brow kit.

I think this is a great idea. Handy to have in the handbag. Inside you get a brow crayon, tweezers, a brow brush and some clear gel.
The tweezers are a little stiff but they work.
The mini brush is great. I really like it and it's very useful and easy to hold.
The clear gel does the job and smells a lot nicer than the one from The Body Shop that I currently use. Smells quite nice actually. It set pretty quickly too which is exactly what you want. 
My only criticism is with the pencil. It's a little too thick. It doesn't allow you to be precise.
Besides that, the shade fits me perfectly, it's super soft to use and works really well.
Best of all, it cost me £2. I'd pay more than that for the gel alone!
Definite yes from me.

On to the Stay All Day Primer for £3.

This is a big yes from me.
So let me why I love this:
  • It creates the perfect base for my foundation
  • A little goes a long way.
  • It glides on perfectly
  • It isn't sticky like a few other primers I have used
  • It leaves your skin so soft and smooth
  • It helps my foundation go on much easier
The only con is that they don't sell bigger tubes!

Next is the Foundation Stick in shade Ivory which was £2.

I have to say that the shade choices available were shocking. I think there was about 5 shades to choose from (if that).
I chose the lightest shade I could find. 
I have never ever used a foundation stick so this was a first for me. 

I have a lot to say about this one so lets bullet point.

  • Easy to use/apply
  • No strong smell
  • Medium/Full coverage
  • Shade wasn't a bad match for my skin tone

Notice the little bobbles? Yeah, they feel weird...

  • The stick leaves residue on the sides and rim after twisting it to use. This is guaranteed to get messy after a while so the stick might need to be cleaned/wiped after use.
  • Texture when applying is weird. It feels gritty and strange
  • Very cakey. It sits on the skin rather than blending with it
  • Feels tacky to touch. If you kiss or hug someone you'll leave a mark on them for sure. Plus, things get stuck to your face (having a cat, I quickly realised how sticky this foundation is. My face was cat hair central...)
  • The shade has strong yellow/orange undertones and wouldn't suit those with very pale skin
  • It doesn't feel very buildable. One light application already feels like too much on the skin
  • Not breathable in the slightest (very very heavy) 

For me, this foundation stick is a no (but believe it or not, it isn't the worst foundation I've tried).

Moving on to the No Sweat Sweat Resistant Mattifying Powder in Ivory.
Again, I went for the lightest shade available to be safe. I found this powder was very soft and went on very well. The shade wasn't too dark for me and gives very light coverage. I just apply a quick sweep over my whole face if I'm wearing minimal makeup.
I haven't had a chance to test the whole 'no sweat' thing but I actually like it regardless. 
So a yes for this. For £2.50 you can't grumble.

Eyeliner now. I picked up the Finish Line Water Resistant Eye Liner for £1.50.

I'm on the fence with this one.
It isn't as bold as I'd like. It is more of a faded black. It requires you to press quite hard on the eye and that's not nice. The pencil itself isn't smooth so you don't get that effortless line and you have to go over the lines you do create to even it out. 
No, it doesn't give you the precise flicks and lines but I quite like the smudged look it creates.
As for waterproof, I'm not so sure. 
A big con is that it isn't very long lasting. By the end of the day, it had given up and settled underneath my eye (Don't you just hate it when that happens?!)

And I finish with the 4 lip products I bought.

Lemon Lip Jelly sounded appealing to me so I picked one up. I can't say I've ever used a lip jelly before but I like it. It makes your lips feel super soft and plump. 

It feels nice and smells like those wipes you get from KFC... I like it a lot.

I'm a big fan of tinted lip balms so when I saw this one I grabbed it without hesitation. 
This one contains aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin e...All very good and nourishing for the lips. 

It gives a very subtle but nice soft red tint to the lips which I just love.
I can't fault it. It does and is exactly what it says.
It smells like watermelon too which is a bonus.

 Time for a big more colour now with the Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Claret.
I was instantly drawn to this shade. I don't tend to wear matte shades because quite frankly, they scare me. I always worry that they'll make my lips look dry.

I exfoliated my lips, applied a thin layer of balm then went for it. I absolutely fell in love with the shade. I goes on very smoothly and doesn't dry the lips at all (the lip balm probably helps with that).
For £2 you get a great little lip product that is a gorgeous deep berry shade with a pretty pink undertone. It's very pretty.
Granted it probably isn't as long lasting as other brands but it is brilliant for the price.

Last but by no means least is the High Shine Lipstick Crayon in Nude Glow. 

This is one of my favourite things I bought. 
It is a great peachy nude shade that goes on well and gives you the shine of a gloss but the feel of a lipstick. I really really love this!
It's a great colour to take into spring.

Top Swatch: Nude Glow
Bottom Swatch: Claret

In the store I visited, the selection of products available were limited even though it was quite a big store and as I said before, the displays weren't very appealing. I couldn't be bothered to rifle through everything. I noticed a few eye shadow palettes and mascaras but didn't pick any up (silly me!).

My items came to a total of £17 and some of these products were real hits with me.
When they get it right, they do it well but the no's were really big no's.

Are there any other stores with makeup ranges you think I should try?


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