Friday, 24 February 2017

Own Your Insomnia.

"No rest for the wicked". 

Then move over Wicked Witch of the West because I'm the most wicked bitch in town!

But seriously, insomnia is the absolute worst and if you've come here thinking that I have some miracle cure then you're out of luck.
I read so many articles and posts about 'beating insomnia' and I have yet to find a single one that works for me. You name it, I've probably tried it.
There have been ample books, sleep tablets, pillow sprays, apps, soothing baths before bed, breathing techniques, sheep counting, teas, routine changes...the lot.

For me, insomnia is draining in so many ways. Of course you have the physical implications of not sleeping like aching muscles and joints, lack of energy, no recovery/healing time, possible headaches (which I experience a lot) and exhaustion but the mental strain of insomnia is a beast.
Insomnia creates a toxic concoction made of exhaustion, overthinking with some stress and frustration thrown in for good measure. It just leaves you feeling trapped in your own mind. 
The clock keeps ticking and the brain just refuses to switch off.
Then the stress levels rise and that only makes everything worse. When you're stressed you can't sleep. Then you're stressed because you can't sleep...and on it goes.

It led me to the conclusion that some nights I simply can't sleep not for love nor money. So recently, I have decided to ditch the so called cures and change tack. Instead of dwelling on my lack of sleep I get things done. I take back the power that insomnia takes away from me. I own it.

So I can't sleep. But I can get that book finished or type up that blog post I've been waiting to do.
You don't own me insomnia!!

I have been filling those frustrating sleepless hours  with positive, calming activities. Rather than reluctantly climbing into bed and tossing and turning all night I just find things to do.
I have stopped giving a shit about insomnia and now ignore it completely. 

Here are some of the things to do to:

If you're a blogger then why not make some blogging notes or draft some posts? Edit your photos, edit some older posts or have a whole redesign if you really want to!
And if you're not a blogger, why not start a blog?

Staying on the blogging theme, find some blogs, read them, comment and share if you enjoyed them. Support your fellow bloggers!

If YouTube is more your thing then find someone you don't subscribe to and watch some of their videos. Or you could rewatch your favourite videos and leave some comments.

Find your favourite film (and your comfiest spot) and watch it.

Read a book. The greatest form of escapism.

Create a playlist of your top 20 favourite songs and listen to it.

Make yourself a hot drink (anything decaf is good) and just take some time to really enjoy it.

Cuddle your pet and spoil them with your love!

Crosswords and word searches.

Reach out and connect with others going through the same thing as you. Twitter is a great way of finding those night owls to chat to. Share your experience! A problem shared is a problem halved.

Watch a show that doesn't require your attention or your investment but instead gives you some background noise. I find the shopping channels are my go to but Jackpot 247 is also a good one, 

Colour in. There are plenty of adult colouring books now that focus on mindfulness or art therapy.

My go to book!
*If you have any other suggestions for passing the time then please leave them in the comments below*

If insomnia wants to be such a bitch, take it and make it yours!


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