Friday, 3 March 2017

February's Tried & Tested.

It feels like only yesterday I was typing up last month's Tried & Tested post!

Throughout February I have been trying quite a few new things and some of them have become firm favourites. This is a very beauty heavy post so if that's not your thing get out while you can!

Lets start with the De'Lanci Highlighting palette.

 I bought this after seeing another blogger's post (Terri Talks. You can see her post here) about it. I fell in love with it before it was even mine.
I hesitated before buying it as I'm not too confident when it comes to highlighter but after some deliberation I took the plunge and purchased it. I got mine for £12.99 from Amazon.

The packaging is really clever. De'Lanci have styled the palette like the ABH Moonchild palette which is a lot more expensive. Beautiful... but expensive.
De'Lanci have given you a much more affordable alternative that still makes you shine bright like a diamond!!
I haven't tried the ABH one but I have no need to. This palette provides all the highlighting goals!

So much shimmer! In this palette you get six very different shades ranging from bright white to a deep copper/brown which means it's very versatile and can be used on most skin tones.
I was worried that I wouldn't use all the shades but I was wrong. I love using every single one of them for different things.
So far I have:
  • Used the darker shades to contour
  • Used the shades as eye shadows
  • Taken the shimmer onto the collarbones/body because why not?
  • Used the pink shade as a blush
All that alongside using it for it's intended purpose as a highlighter.

A product I have been using religiously this month is the Burt's Bees Wild Cherry Lip Balm.

I bought this a while ago from Holland & Barrett and it has been everything I needed it to be.
In Winter/Early Spring the weather reeks havoc with my lips. They become dry and cracked which is just horrible. I have tried many lip balms that have failed to impress but this is not one of them.
It just leaves your lips feeling lovely and soft.

Eye primer. Do you use it?
I didn't. Until I picked one up on a whim when in Superdrug.
The one I chose was MUA Luxe Bright & Lighten Eye Primer and it was just £3.

Now I will not be without my primer.
I never realised what it difference it makes to the longevity of your makeup or the general appearance of the eye area.
I thought that you needed to pay a lot for a good eye primer and to be honest, it was an expense I wasn't willing to pay. Now I have found that you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to get a good reliable product. I am so pleased with it.

On to an eye shadow palette I got for Christmas.
It was bought from TK Maxx but obviously I don't know the price. 
It is the All About Eyes by Style Essentials.

I am a lover of neutral/pinky shades. I love a softer smokey eye look for every day wear and this palette allows me to easily create that.

I love the shimmer in the shades. Great colour pay off and a great selection of neutral shades.
I have been using this at every opportunity.

And to finish this post is another product from TK Maxx. 
I bought this soap simply because it smells incredible. Pear is one of my favourite scents and this is just dreamy.

The packaging is beautiful. The soap is wrapped in floral fabric and is just so cute!
You can just tell that Papinelle really put effort and love into their products.

So that's your lot for this post.
Have you tried anything new this month?


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