Sunday, 30 April 2017

Depression Is Visible. I'm Looking At It.

"Everything about you looks different today"

Through the eyes of my 9 year old sister I had changed. She couldn't put her finger on why but she knew something wasn't quite the same. She seemed strangely drawn to me, giving me random hugs and reassuring pats as did my other sister. Even the cats were particularly affectionate and spent all day by my side.

I took a look in the mirror.
My shoulder had dropped, the bags under my eyes had got a little darker, my smile became impossible to find, my face looked solemn. That blank look in my eyes. 
There was a distinct sadness painted on my face. A familiar sadness. One I couldn't control.

I saw it too.

It took a single night for depression to cast it's shadow onto my face. A. Single. Night.

Of course for me the storm has been brewing for a while, slowly simmering under the surface while I soldiered on with life. But it took one night for my cover to be blown. One night for depression to be written all over my face. 

Depression isn't the invisible illness people think it is. Depression is visible. I'm looking at it.


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