Friday, 5 May 2017

L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara Review.

If you're in need of a new mascara then this post's for you!

I recently picked up the L'oreal Miss Baby Roll mascara from Boots after seeing a whole lotta hype about it on social media. I also saw the advert for it and was pulled right in.

This mascara is available in 5 shades: Black, Black waterproof, Indigo, Teal and Lilac.
I went with Black because I'm way too much of a scaredy cat to try the colours. Like woah!

First of all I adore the design. Baby pink and blue, yes please.
I also love that the lid clicks shut. The lid and bottle line up perfectly every time (yes it bothers me when they don't). 

The mascara wand is very unique. I haven't seen another like it and I've used a lot of mascaras! The spiral design picks up the perfect amount of mascara and allows you to really roll the lashes from the root. I have found it really easy to use.

The lid is is the perfect fit in my hand and allows me to have full control over the brush.

The product description says "It's time to say goodbye to boring lashes and hello to new Miss Baby Roll Mascara for mega volume, curl and all-day hold"
This mascara is designed to not only lift the lashes from root to tip but volumise and lift them all day and I can safely day it's living up to that description.

I have very stubby lashes that do whatever the hell they want. Most mascara's fail to tame them but this one has been amazing. And the curl it gives is ridiculous!

I have used fibre lash mascaras in the past and this is comparable to those. 
My lashes have a lovely lift which lasts for hours. I did notice some flaking but that was very late in the day. They remained curly all day with only one coat applied. I would say that if you're not a fan of 'clumpy' mascaras then this might not be the one for you as it may clump up a it with extra coats and give that kind of appearance which some like and others don't. I have found that 2/3 coats is more than enough and delivers all the promises L'Oréal have made. This is my new favourite mascara.

It has to be said that it is very tough to remove. However that might be my eye makeup remover.. I may need to invest in a new (and better) one.

I am so pleased with this purchase and may even pluck up the courage to try the colours... Indigo here I come!

Have you tried this mascara?



  1. This is cute, I love the packaging! I'm close to needing a new mascara so will keep this one in mind!

    1. I love the packaging. A great colour combination and very well designed.
      Yes, do! I love it and have even strayed from my staple mascara!

  2. I got this in waterproof! Not sure if I like it though! xx

    1. Hmm, well it's not right for everyone. It can be quite clumpy which does put people off x