Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Recent Primark Beauty Buys.

As you know I love a bargain beauty product and Primark have been owning the game recently. 
They have released a whole range of makeup that is perfect for summer!

I picked up a few bits on my latest visit... Let me show you!

The products range from £2-£5. I know...I couldn't believe it either.

Lets start with the higlighting palette. The Pure Glow palette has been talking about a lot. This doesn't feel like a £5 product... Like not even a little bit. This palette gives of serious designer vibes *cough...ABH...cough* and is just everything you want (and need).

There are 4 shades which are all very different. 

Desert is a snow white highlighter.
Glimmer is a subtle gold shade.
Eden is a pinky shimmer.
Firefly is an intense coppery brown shade.

Next is the contour kit which was in the sale for £2. I haven't used a powder to contour before. I've always reached for creams. I decided to go for it and I really liked it. This is perfect for a light contour effect and I was surprised by the highlight shade. It's so blendable and works so well with my skin. Plus you get a contour brush free... Like, what?! I paid £2 for it.

Ever heard of a holographic eye shadow? I hadn't until I came across these. Perfect for parties, festivals and whenever you want to slay the eye shadow game.

The shimmer is glorious. I have been having fun creating looks with these shades.

You also get two double ended brushes which is pretty cool. All for £3.
They have a whole ethereal like glow to them. It's great.

Last but by no means is the Bronze Shadow & Shade eye shadow palette. This palette is everything I look for. It has gold shimmery shades mixed with bold colours and muted browns. I always look for a gold shade in my palettes as it's my favourite look.

All the shades have names (which is absolutely love in a product) and they're all very bold and blendable. This has been my go-to palette throughout May.

(Okay, I forgot to swatch one of the shades...Oops)

My favourite and most used shades are Gold Coast, Sunseeker and Day Trip.

Head to your local Primark and grab a bargain of your own.



  1. I'm such a beauty snob I've never even thought of touching Primark make up, but from your swatches, they look so pigmented! Especially the eyeshadows.

    xo Millie

    1. I know what you mean. I thought it would all be low quality rubbish but I've been loving it. It's worth trying. The prices are ridiculous!

  2. I've never got make-up from Primark before but these look really good. I might have to try them. Thanks :)

    1. It's worth picking up a few bits to try. The prices are ridiculous!

  3. I don't have a Primark near me (I live in the U.S.) but I have been before and I've been dying to go back! Great swatches, I cannot wait to get my hands on their beauty stuff next time :)

    1. That's a shame. Stock up when you visit!!