Saturday, 17 June 2017

Lush Kitchen Exclusives.

Guess who did a Lush order?

I managed to get my hands on a couple of kitchen exclusives. They are all selling out really fast so I'm glad I got them when I did.

All of them are very unique and couldn't be more different!

Let's start with the Metamorphosis bath bomb.

'Dawn chorus'

Reminds me of a hedgehog...Spiky!
 Drop the bomb in and the bath starts to turn dark grey/black. I noticed a strong warming smell (cinnamon) but it also had a deep smoky twang to it. Very earthy and if I'm honest a little overwhelming. 
 But after a minute something wonderful happened. RAINBOW HAPPENED!
Orange, purple and yellow swirls sat on the top of the water which was very pretty. Sadly they just faded into the dark water and the effect was lost.

I really didn't like the colour of the water... even with the wonderful rainbow colours the water just looked murky and not appealing at all. It also left staining all around my tub which wasn't easy to clean. Would I buy it again? No.

Onto the next one: Cyanide pill.

'Slide into the danger zone'

Now this one I was excited about. 

The quirky design really made me smile.

I plopped it in the bath and it was incredible.
Very bold in colour and scent. Strong citrus notes filled the room and neon yellow filled the bath. It's a very fresh and vibrant fragrance. But that isn't the best bit.


It was like fireworks. The candy was popping off all over the place and there was SO much glitter.
The surface of the water was absolutely saturated with glitter.

And the glitter didn't leave when I got out of the bath. No Sir, it was all over me.
I was sparkling from top to toe.

Yes, my whole body was like that!
This bath bomb is so fun. It's the perfect pick me up.

I saved the best 'til last.
Presenting my new favourite: Guardians of the Forest.

'The spirit of nature'

I have been raving about this to everyone and anyone that'd listen.

 I don't know if I've spoken about my love of nature and trees on here before so let me give you a summary.
I rarely feel calm. There is always some level of anxiety running through me but there is a certain peace I feel when I'm around greenery and trees in particular. I feel so grounded and relaxed.

It's earthy yet so soft. You're transported to fragrant forest filled and you can almost feel the sun shining on you through the leaves.
The colours are mesmerising. Neon green spirals, leaf green swirls, white fluffy bubble all in teal coloured water.

This bomb is a slice of heaven I don't ever want to be without.
This bath bomb encapsulates the smell of contentment for me. This scent fills me with joy and I want one for every day of the year.

Have you tried any kitchen exclusives?



  1. Green one looks perfect!
    And I like that sparkly effect!

    1. The green one is my favourite bomb from Lush to date!

  2. I NEED THAT GLITTER BOMB! Can you imagine getting in that before a night out . . . *frantically googles* ...great post lovely!xx

    mia //

    1. IT IS GLORIOUSLY GLITTERY! You wont need any highlight if you use this before a night out. It's so sparkly you'll be seen from space... x

  3. I used to have a obsession on buying things from the LUSH kitchen until I realised how much it was costing me every pay day lol. Metamorphosis looks amazing! and I love the look of the Guardians of the Forest bath bomb too x

    1. I think they're worth the price tag. Nothing perks up my mood like a bath bomb.

  4. Ooh I need to try that Guardians of the Forest one, sounds heavenly!

    1. You definitely do. If you like woody, earthy scents then this one is perfect. I'm still using and loving it now.