Wednesday, 7 June 2017

May's Tried & Tested.

A bit late with this post so let's start with sorrryyyy!
I have been busy drafting so many posts and this one kind of slipped my mind.

My favourite thing of the month has been the amazing recipe I found for banana pancakes. I have never been able to find a recipe that's simple. healthier and works for me. 
I have been using this recipe a lot recently. It's perfect every time!

My first batch!
I have been eating the pancakes plain (no bacon or syrup) and have removed butter from the mix . I cooked them in coconut oil- a much healthier alternative to butter.
I am happy to eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They're delicious!

I have tried several new beauty products this month: one being Primark's latest offerings.

I wont say much about them now because I've actually written a whole post about everything so if you're interested. click here.

I have also been loving the nail varnishes I picked up from Primark too.
The bronze shades are making me feel so ready for summer!

I am particularly fond of the copper shade.

May was the month I chose to sign up to Birchbox. I was drawn in by the gorgeous marble box (aka a bloggers dream). I have been contemplating it for a while so I decided to go for it. I went on, filled out my beauty profile and all the other bits and bobs you need to do and voila, my box was on it's way!

I chose the £12.95 box and although everything in the box is great there are a few items in the box I have no interest in. Despite filling out the profile, some of the products weren't things I'd use.
I also got a bit p*ssed off. Just after ordering mine, they started an offer to get a free box when you subscribe! I noticed my frustration was shared by many others who stated that existing customers miss out on deals, free gifts and discounts as all of the offers are mainly offered to new customers.
I love the idea of getting a lovely surprise every month but this one wasn't for me.
Needless to say I cancelled my subscription.

And lastly, e.l.f recently hit UK stores and I took advantage by picking up a couple of products.
I wanted to try the foundation but my local stores don't stock it yet *cries* so I decided to go for two eye products: Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Gold and the high Def Undereye Sheer Setting Powder.

I haven't really used a liquid eye shadow before so this was new.
The colour was the main selling point.

I have loved it so far. I has such a creamy, easily blendable texture that settles as if it were powder (if not slightly better). These are brilliant for those days when you have little time. You can just wipe this on, blend it in and go. It has a wonderful shimmer that is so eye catching.

As for the setting powder, I cannot praise this enough. It just settles really nicely and brightens as it smooths.

I find it perfect with or without concealer (let's face it, I always wear it with concealer. Hello dark circles I'm looking at you). 

I'm excited to try more from e.l.f this summer.

That's a wrap. Goodbye May!



  1. Primark actually do good makeup! Also excited about E.L.F coming to the uk x

    1. They really have stepped up their game. I love seeing beauty products that everyone can afford!

  2. Yknowwwww what I always forget primark has a makeup range! I really need to give it a go.
    ALSO... have you got a recepie for those pancakes 😍?
    I really need to pick a subscription box myself also but £12.95 is quite a good price compared to a few others I have seen!
    Great post lovely xx

    1. I do too and then I find a load of goodies in store!
      The recipe is linked above... Give it a try, they're SO good!

      Thank you for your comment x