Saturday, 24 June 2017

#PaperHaul Stationery Subscription- (Bee-utiful)*

Stationery lovers, raise your hands.
Yeah, I see you.

This post is for you.
It's all about the #PaperHaul monthly subscription.

Before I show you the box let me tell you a bit about #PaperHaul.
It is a stationery subscription box run by Crafty Creatives that dispatches once a month. 
The little package fits right through the letterbox so no need to wait in for it.
The box costs £10 (plus shipping).

UK postage: £2
EU postage: £5
Rest of the world postage: £6.

I was kindly sent this month's collection and I let out a little yip when I saw it lying in the porch.
The envelope said "Hello paper lover" and I said "Hello new best friend".


This couldn't be more fitting for me. 

So what did I get?

A small lined notebook
3 note cards with envelopes
2 postcards
1 medium card with envelope
1 large card with envelope

I absolutely adore the theme.
I am a lover of letter writing and am always on the hunt for stationery. This one feels like it was designed for me: gorgeous soft pink, gold and black.

I was so pleasantly surprised by every single item.
The print, the quality, the design. Everything is flawless.
Each item is produced to such a high standard and honestly I would expect it to be a lot more expensive than it is.

I think I've found the sub box for me!

If you enjoy sending letters & cards then this is great. Or perhaps you just enjoy being surrounded by wonderful, beautifully designed stationery. Either way this box is a winner.

Also the boxes contain a variety of items that differ every month. You can expect to recieve other things like stickers depending on the month's theme.
(I really love stickers okay?)

You can head on over to their social media pages and have a browse:


P.S: If you want 25% off your first box then enter code: 25OFF when signing up and voila!


  1. Gahhh, I love stationery. Sub boxes can be a little pricey but that 25%off sound like it might just take the sting out of it :P

    Alice // The Rose Glow

    1. Money off is always a good incentive haha! x