Monday, 10 July 2017

Essentials From essence.

Have you ever heard of essence?

I hadn't until coming reading a blog post about the brand and then coming across the products in my local Wilko's store.
I was just generally browsing the makeup section -as I always do- and there it was.

The display came across as very young and so I wasn't sure it would be for me but then I had a good look and saw some amazing products.

Naturally I had to give them a try.

I bought myself the Lash Princess Mascara, False Lashes, 4 My Must Haves Eye Shadows and an empty palette to put them in.

Each shadow: £1.50.
The mascara: £3.30.
The lashes: £2.50
Empty Palette: £1.50.

I couldn't believe the prices. Like, what?!

I swatched the shadows in store and selected my favourite shades. I absolutely loved the freedom of choosing your own shades and making sure that every single one of them is a shade that you'll actually use. I've mentioned before that I always have a few shades in every palette I buy that go untouched because I simply don't like them or am too afraid of them.
It just helps limit the waste.
1- you can update your shades whenever you want without buying a whole new palette
2- you can reuse the palette forever. You just change the shadows.
3- you don't have a collection of unused shades.

The shades I chose were:

Go Goldie!
Stay In Coral Bay
Raspberry Frosting

The shades have such a lovely shimmer. It wasn't as bold as it was when I first swatched them but that's expected.
Go Goldie! is so blendable. This is probably the most versatile shade I purchased. It can be incorporated into any look.
I was a little disappointed with the pink and peach shade. They weren't early as bold as I'd have hoped and require some serious brush swirling to pick up any product. Once blended the colour is barely even noticeable. 

But lets talk about Snowflake. This shadow is my favourite by far!
I love to use this under my eyebrow to highlight the arch. I always pop it in the corner of my eye. This shade acts as a highlighter as well as a shadow. I love it!
I can't neccesarily make a judgement about the shadows because I liked 2/4 of the shades. I think I'd need to try more of the shadows available and then make a judgement.
What I will say is that Snowflake and Go Goldie! were everything I hoped they would be.
Very impressed with those.

On to my new favourite mascara.

I picked this one over the others simply because I liked the raised design on the handle and that beautiful mint green colour. I had no prior knowledge of the mascaras and just opted for the one I thought would be most suited to me.

I picked it up and thought  "False lash effect for £3.30? Yeah right".

The lesson I learned here: Don't judge a product by it's price!

I seriously underestimated this lovely mascara. I thought that it would be clumpy and have that awful cheap smell but no.
Yet again I was wrong.
It is an AMAZING mascara.
It adds both length and serious volume to my lashes without being seriously clumpy and tacky. It dries pretty fast and is ready for a second coat in about a minute (maybe less, I wasn't really counting). I am more than happy with one coat but for a more intense and dramatic look you can add about 3 coats before it looks too thick and becomes heavy.
I have been loving this mascara and have been using it every single day. Definitely pleased with this purchase. This was the highlight of discovering essence!

I will say however that it isn't good for the bottom lashes as it does begin to smudge under the eyes after about 3 hours (in the heat).

False eye lashes. They aren't my friends.
I just can't deal with them.
They never stay in place for me and application is a messy process. I should really practice which is why I bought myself these ones.

The packaging is adorable.

I haven't got round to using these yet but I'll update you when I get round to it!

Have you tried any products from essence?



  1. Essence makeup is amazing quality for the price I always forget how cheap it is! I love the look of the eye shadows it's a shame you only like half of them x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  2. I've always seen Essence products around but never tried it as like you said it looks a bit young, seems like they've got a few hidden gems tho! And snowflake sounds so pretty :) Clare xxx |

    1. The packaging is aimed at a younger audience but the products match the standard of drugstore brands!

      Thank you for your comment x