Monday, 28 August 2017

'The Thousand Tiny Miracles Of Living Twice' Book Review *

I'm back and I'm bringing you a book review.

I was kindly sent a copy of 'The Thousand Tiny Miracles Of Living Twice' by the author Katarina West (who is absolutely wonderful by the way) and I got stuck straight in.

The story centres around 3 characters: Irene, Mimi and Aaron.
Each are from very different worlds but their worlds unexpectedly collide with a little help from Aaron.

As Irene hits 50 her world starts to fall apart. Stuck in a dead end marriage and having given up on her dreams, Irene is dealt another serious blow when she finds out her husband is having an affair.
As she struggles to fathom what has happened she prays for one thing: to die.

Aaron (a "plays by his own rules" angel) hears her plea and decides he has to save her so he intervenes... and swaps her body with that of Mimi, a beautiful goddess like actress with the world at her feet. As each woman adjusts to their new bodies we learn that not everything is as it seems.

The story is told from the three characters perspectives and although you might think it'd be confusing the book is so well written that everything just flows perfectly. The chapters are dated and then broken into smaller, more manageable chunks so you know exactly where you are which makes for such easy reading. It also gives you the freedom to pick it up and put it down again if you're busy/only have a small amount of reading time.

Aaron's world absolutely fascinated me. It is so complex and new. With things like "twilight heaven" and "angel academy" it can seem like a pretty daunting read but once you get your head around it you realise that heaven is just like earth. The political hierarchy, the different parties, the rules and policies unique to each 'party'. In fact, it's all very relatable. The chaos presented in the heavens is so relatable to events happening right now. The whole story brings home the idea that nowhere is perfect. Not even heaven.

When you're reading about Aaron's world it can be -at times- confusing and you can feel out of place but this is how Aaron himself feels so it really allows you to immerse yourself into the character and really feel his emotions. Aaron has such a good heart but tends not to think before he acts. He's a lot more human than angel. It really does give you a glimpse into his thoughts and into his state of mind. I got a much better feel of the story and the character because of this. Aaron is a really quirky character that I grew to love.

Mimi however is a lot harder to swallow. You may think this is another body swap story where all learn something, lives are enriched blah blah blah but that's not the case.
Mimi remains true to her stuck up, spoilt celebrity status and although we are given little glimpses of a more gentle and caring Mimi it's never for long. I believe that Mimi has a lot more to give but Irene stole the show for me. Mimi's stubbornness and attitude reminds you of how soft and gracious Irene is. I think Mimi is the perfect contrast to Irene. They are polar opposites but I found that allowed me to really connect with Irene.

My favourite part about this book is the attention to detail. Each scene is set perfectly (and trust me, there are some beautiful settings). The imagery and pictures painted in my head throws me straight into the moment. Every scenario is perfectly described.
Can I please be eating in a gorgeous restaurant in Florence? Pretty please...

The Thousand Tiny Miracle of Living Twice is all about falling in and out of love, rediscovering who you really are and realising it's never too late.

It has been a tough summer for me and I have taken great comfort in reading. It is pure escapism and has allowed me to immerse myself into other worlds.

I have loved every single page and am eagerly anticipating book number 2!

Again, I want to say a big thank you to Katarina for sending me a copy.

You can find her website here where you can find all her social media links and a little Q&A about the book.



  1. Love this review :) I am currently writing a book review so it's good to get some inspiration! X

    1. Thank you. I hope your review writing goes well! x