Friday, 24 November 2017

My Go-To Autumn/Winter Lip Colours.

Tarte: A world renowned brand that I have never tried. Ever since I saw the brand represented on QVC I have wanted to try it. However I couldn't really justify the price tag. It's not necessarily the most expensive brand out there, in fact it's pretty reasonable for the quality but it is a little outside my budget and is a purchase I couldn't really justify.

So when my birthday came around I seized the opportunity and got these lip colours as a gift.
The products in question are the Tarte Lip Paints. This 8 piece collection contains a variety of colours in limited edition shades. 

When I went to order them I was a a little hesitant because the reviews on the website weren't so good but I went for it anyway and I do not regret it.

These are definitely perfect autumnal/winter colours as they're all on the darker side. 
The colours are so bold! I was fooled a little bit into thinking that the colours would be quite samey. I thought "hmm, there's a lot of nude/brown toned shades here" but upon opening and swatching them I realised how very different and unique they all are. Some of the shades that looked brown from the outside have deep red tones in them making them more of a burgundy, maroon shade.

1. Perf
3. Honey
4. Juicy
5. Soul
6. Mani
7. Candy
8. Latte

The formula is so creamy and glides onto the lips without any problems. It settles nicely on the lips and doesn't dry them out like many other brands do. A matte lip is always pretty tricky especially if you suffer from cracked, dry lips like I do but this formula really works for me. It gives my lip a much smoother appearance. I have yet to experience any bleeding with these and have actually found that they stay in place for hours. The colour stays until you take it off.

The brush wand is really easy to use. The rounded end allow you to be more precise around the lip line which gives you the freedom to shape the lips how you like and the flat brush means you can sweep it across the lip and get even coverage. The wand doesn't pick up too much of the product either which limits mess and change of smudging.

I am so happy with these lip colours and have been using them *almost* exclusively.

Have you tried anything from Tarte?


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