Monday, 11 December 2017

20 Reasons Why I Love Christmas.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why Christmastime is so magical to me and what things make me feel Christmassy!

1. Lights 
I love seeing everyone's houses decorated and lit up with a rainbow of colours. I love seeing how many lights I can count and picking my favourite designs. The warm glow of the lights just fills me with pure joy.

2. The cold chill in the air

Now I know this isn't usually something anyone likes but I love the way the air changes and the crispness of the mornings. I love breathing in and feeling the cold air fill my lungs.

3. Gift wrapping

Now you either love it or hate it but it's a highlight for me. I love buying the wrapping paper, sticking on the Christmas tunes and wrapping everything up.

4. Christmas music

Hearing it playing in the shops, listening to Michael Buble singing the soundtrack to Christmas, singing along as loud as I can...Just, yes!
(I will be compiling a playlist of my favourite Christmas songs in an upcoming Blogmas post so keep an eye out for that).

5. Burning Christmas candles

Need I say more?

6. Decking the halls

I am the kind of person that would never put their Christmas tree down if I had the choice. I absolutely love Christmas Trees and putting it up makes me so excited. It can be an arduous process (How do the lights/beads always get so tangled?!) but is always worth it in the end. I am a lover of tinsel, glitter, lights... Everything so when the house is decorated I'm in my element.

7. Buying Christmas Tree Decorations

Following on from putting up the tree and decorating I have a few vintage decorations hanging on there that will always be my favourite but I like to include a new addition every year. I love going out and finding a new bauble or decoration to hang on the tree. I don't go with a theme on my tree as I love to have an eclectic mix. I pick things based on how much I love them and couldn't give a hoot whether they go or not. No uniformity for me!

8. Buying and writing Christmas cards

I love browsing the shops and finding beautiful cards. I love Christmas cards so I like to make mine special. I would write one to everyone if I could!
(I bought mine in September this year, don't judge).

9. Crafting

This is something I've dabbled in but have really got in to this year after picking up a few bits from The Works. I walked into their store and got lost in all the wonderful Christmas crafty goodness. I picked up some paints, sequins, glitter, stickers etc and have really enjoyed making little crafts.

10. Food

So. Much. Food.

11. Snow

Or should I say the hope for snow.

12. Family time

You can't help but think of your family more and more at Christmas time. Picking out their presents, thinking about what they might like, making plans with them. Spending time with family is what Christmas is all about.

13. Quality Streets

Celebrations, Roses... Chocolate in general.

14. Turkey

With ALL the trimmings!

15. Gingerbread

Every year I bake gingerbread for the family (and myself of course). To me, it's the signature scent of Christmas! The smell just fills the house and warms my heart.

16. New pyjamas and dressing gown.

A Christmas essential and a highlight.

17. Christmas TV

One of my favourite things to do on Christmas day is snuggle in my new pj's and dressing gown and watch the year's offerings. I love the drama of the soaps and the special episodes of my favourite shows. I just love seeing festive programmes on tv!

18. Adverts

Now everyone talks about the John Lewis advert but I always look forward to every other advert. Once the Christmas ones start rolling in I'm thrilled. A couple of my favourites from last year were the Waitrose ad with the little robin and the Aldi advert with Kevin the carrot. In fact, I forgot how much I loved and miss that advert!

19. Novelty jumpers

You love 'em or you hate 'em and I LOVE them. The funkier the better If they light up then you win.

20. Making hot chocolate

Hot chocolate becomes the drink of choice for anyone who comes in from the cold. I always make my hot chocolates really special by sprinkling in a bit of cinnamon and a teeny pinch of ginger. I then add squirty cream and grated chocolate and/or sprinkles (if you're lucky). I'm not a big drinker of it but I love making it for everyone else.

What do you love about Christmas?


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