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Simple Stocking Fillers*

Stockings. You love doing them or you hate it.

It can be tricky finding gifts that not only work with everyone but also fit in the stocking.
This year I am doing stockings for my whole family (and have made an advent calendar for my best friend) so I have had to really get my thinking cap on.

So today I wanted to share with you some of the great things I have come across. I'll be honest, some of the items don't fit in a stocking but I had to include them because they're really great gifts.

Jelly Belly have partnered with DC to bring out a range of superhero shimmery jelly beans!
The designs feature Wonder Woman, Batman and of course, Superman.

I was absolutely thrilled when Jelly Belly kindly sent me some to try. Jelly beans have always been one of my favourite sweets! I have a massive sweet tooth and always appreciate something sweet in my stocking.
I was so impressed with all the flavours but Cream Soda is by far my favourite closely followed by Very Cherry.

Although they all contain the same flavours Superman is my favourite and that's completely unrelated to the fact that Henry Cavill is amazing and I'm slightly in love with him . Tooootally unrelated.

You can buy these directly from the Jelly Belly website, in selected supermarkets and WHSmiths.
They retail at £2.88 and whether they're a hardcore DC fan or just have a serious sweet tooth, jelly beans are always a welcome gift.

Another great one from Jelly Belly is the Mixed Emotions beans. Instead of being printed with the Jelly Belly logo they are stamped with an emoji face. Each emoji is represented in a flavour & colour.

Angry (red) = Hot Cinnamon
Happy (yellow) = Lemon
Playful (green) = Sour Apple
Sad (blue) = Berry Blue
Love (pink) = Bubblegum

I have to say my favourite is Angry. The spicy, warming cinnamon flavour is amazing. 
Not sure what that says about me that the angry face is my favourite... Can we just have a bag of those please?

But again, these are a great stocking filler. Emojis are loved by so many people so if you know any emoji lovers then these are a really cute, unique thing to add to their stockings.

You can get them directly from the site or from places like Waitrose, Sainsbury's and John Lewis.

Did you know Boohoo sell beauty products?
I certainly didn't until I recently placed an order with them and found some lovely little bits that are perfect for filling those stockings.

Something that particularly caught my eye was the face masks. They have both mud and sheet masks retailing at £1-£2. The products are advertised as suitable for all skin types so that's a plus. I absolutely love a good face mask and would be chuffed to find this in my stocking. They're perfect for taking 10 minutes out of life solely for yourself.
Some quick links to the products seen in the photo above:

Candy canes are a must in any stocking and can be bought for as little as £1. You can buy full size or little mini ones which I absolutely love.
You can actually buy candy canes in a variety of flavours now but classic peppermint will always be my favourite.
The Works £1
Poundland £1

Following on from the sweets: chocolate.
I love seeing edible gifts in my stocking and chocolate is my favourite.
John Lewis have a great selection of Christmas sweets and chocolate.

The gifts above range from £2.50 to £6. I love how decadent and nicely designed everything is. It's all good quality chocolate too which is a bonus.

Earlier in the year I created party bags for my sister's 13th and I needed ideas for what to put in them. I asked my cousin and she suggested perfume samples and I thought that was genius.
This idea could also work for a stocking. Grab an organza bag, some confetti or glitter and one or two perfume samples and voila. A little gift to go into the stocking.

I got my samples (20 mixed Avon ones) from Amazon for £4.20. They went down really well with everyone who got a party bag. They were really impressed. Simple but effective.
They also offer samples of men's fragrances. You can also do this with samples of other products like lipsticks (also available on Amazon).

(Plus you get to keep any of the leftover samples).

Baker Ross have a great selection of novelty gifts that work for all. Christmas stickers, mini board games, rubber ducks... It's all the typical Christmas tat that everyone loves. They're so good at filling space in the stocking without costing you an arm and a leg.

Head over to their website and have a browse. They're very reasonably priced and the items are often sold in bulk (perfect if you have a lot of stockings to fill!).

The Works always have amazing things on offer at Christmas time. I love going into their store because it just feels so damn festive.
If you have children to buy for then their 10 for £10 book deal is amazing.  

The Christmas Selfie Contest BookThe Stinky Sprouts Smelly Christmas TaleJingle Bells

Books always make a wonderful gifts and both Christmas books and other stories are available in the deal. You'd need a pretty big stocking for these but I couldn't not include them because this deal is wonderful.

They also have a range of Christmas craft projects, gifts and stocking fillers. 

Festive Photo Booth Prop KitChristmas Toilet RollBake Ems Make A Christmas Mug

I think stockings should be filled with fun and The Works definitely have you covered.

TK Maxx is the perfect place to go for luxury gifts at affordable prices. The best way to find little gems is to actually go in store and not online. Every store is different so it's worth checking out a few if they're in your area. I'm so lucky to have a couple of huge stores fairly local to me. Going in TK MAxx at Christmas is a serious highlight (perhaps not for my bank account but hey).
Last year I bought and received a beautiful music box that contained a luxury soap. The retail price was £30 but I got mine for £6. So many bargains to be had.

Last but not least, Primark.
This is the holy grail store for stocking fillers. From cosmetics to cheap clothing, tealight holders to perfumes Primark is a winner.
Flower Tealight Set
Rose tealight set £1.50
40 Firefly Silver Lights
40 firefly lights £2.50
Gingerbread Tea Light Holder
Gingerbread tealight holder £1.50
I have obviously selected items that I like but they have a range of children's t-shirts for £2, tech accessories as well as lots of lovely things for the home including glorious candles.

It's really worth buying multipacks of things like scented tealights and sweets. It makes it much cheaper in the long run if you have a lot of stockings to fill.
Poundland and Wilkos are great places to go for multipack bargains.

I hope this has given you some inspiration!

Will you be hanging up stockings this year?


All prices were correct at the time of drafting this post. Prices may have changed since then.

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