Thursday, 8 March 2018

Brands I Assumed Were Cruelty Free.

For some reason I naively assumed that some of the bigger brands were cruelty free but after doing some research I was quite shocked to learn that some of the brands I came to rely on test on animals.


Kind to skin but not to animals.
Simple is made by Unilever and though they boast about funding research into animal testing alternatives they don't actually state that they don't test on animals therefore it's safe to assume they are not a cruelty free brand.

"Occasionally, when there are no suitable non-animal approaches available, some of the ingredients we use have to be tested; and some governments test our products on animals as part of their regulatory requirements. We are actively working with these governments, other scientists and NGOs, to put in place alternative methods" -Taken from the Unilever website.

I had always thought that as Simple's main selling point is that they're kind and gentle I didn't think they'd be cruel to animals. Now when I see them talking or advertising the fact they're kind to skin I just think "Hmm, but only if you're human right?" Again the word naive springs to mind.


Another Unilever product. And my thinking was along the same lines as Simple really, I just thought that a range that is so well loved and now caters for babies and is all about nurturing and nourishment I just assumed they'd be caring and kind to everyone (including little fur babies).


I have no idea why I thought they were cruelty free but for some reason I did. I'm not sure if I was told they were but it was cemented in my brain that they were cruelty free.
Turns out, they're not.
They give all the bs about how 'animal welfare is a cornerstone of Avon's product safety philosophy" etc but as they still sell in countries that require animal testing they cannot be labelled as a cruelty free brand. STOP SELLING IN THOSE BLOODY COUNTRIES!


This is another company let down by the fact they sell in China who require the products to be tested on animals before they are sold. 

"In China, however, animal testing is mandated by law for the official registration and certification of the safety of certain product categories. In this case, the tests are conducted by local institutions authorised by the state not by the companies selling the product. Our goal is to convince these authorities that animal testing for cosmetic products is unnecessary and to advocate for the international acceptance of alternative testing methods!. - Taken from the Nivea website.

So although they are taking steps to fix it that statement doesn't mean they have any intention of stopping their sales in countries that require testing which would be an obvious step.
I had always relied on Nivea to help my skin... not anymore.

A big thing I've learned from this is to never assume. Always do your research into a brand. Most brands will have their products labelled as cruelty free.
Another thing to remember is that vegan or vegetarian doesn't equal cruelty free. It simply means animal products weren't used and has nothing to do with whether it's cruelty free. 
Some ways to tell if a product doesn't test on animals is to check the product. 
You can look for the BUAV approved logo.

Image result for buav
The leaping bunny logo is a globally recognised certification that the product you're using is cruelty free and does not test on animals.

By checking the labels/packaging you'll often find it stated that the product doesn't test on animals. If you can't find that don't purchase the item until you've done your research. A quick google should give you the answers you need but if you're still not 100% sure (some companies labelling can be purposefully misleading) then it's best to just find an alternative.

Would you be interested in a post about cruelty free brands I love?
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  1. Thank you for spreading the awareness! Dove is such a disappointment as they were a dream to my dry crumbles off in cold weather skin, but when I made my commitment to switch I knew I'd find alternatives and I did :) I'll never understand the 'selling in China' point. The reality is that if all of these brands actively pulled out of the Chinese market those regulations would get removed asap, because those brand names are in high demand. It would only take a single joint effort to do some massive good in the world, and then brands could carry on raking in the revenue. Sad day. I recently learned that Stila pulled out of China and gained cruelty free status last year and have fallen in love with the brand since trying them out :)

    F L Y N N

    1. When I made the switch I found replacing makeup easy but skincare and hair products are a minefield! I am now relying on Superdrug's own brand products!

      Exactly! If all the brands pulled out of the china market then they'd soon ditch the animal testing. It's a big market but if brands decided to make a stand they could really make a change! But god forbid they lose any money... *rolls eyes*.
      They have the opportunity to reshape the cosmetics industry and they're choosing to fund the awful treatment/torture of animals. I'm so glad I made the switch (not that I was a user of the big guys like MAC, Nars etc).

      That's amazing. I really want to try their glitter liquid eyeshadows! They look dreamy.

      Thank you for your comment x

  2. I wish China wasn't such a huge market, if England said we required all products to be tested on animals brands would happily ignore us because they're not missing that gigantic number of sales. It's so outdated, I feel really sorry for Chinese customers who can't get any cruelty free products.

    I totally agree that brands do mislead us. 'gentle, natural, vegan' are all words thrown around by companies happy to torture those poor animals.


    1. That's very true. It must be difficult out there to find cruelty free brands but then again as it's compulsory out there do people mind? For those who are bothered it must be incredibly difficult for them to shop.

      I recently saw an advert where a brand promoted themselves as vegan and gluten free... I mean, come on.

      Thank you for your comment x

  3. This is so interesting, I'm really quite shocked about simple and dove.. I can't believe they both aren't. Definitely a helpful post :)

    Kate |

    1. I was shocked by Simple. As their main selling point is that they're kind to skin I just assumed...

      Thank you for reading and commenting Kate x

  4. Thank you so much for spreading awareness - I'm so shocked at Simple & Nivea especially, I would never have thought they weren't cruelty free! :( xx

    1. You're very welcome! I was really disappointed by Simple and Nivea too. They're brands I've loved for years!

      Thanks for reading x