Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Skincare Swaps From Superdrug.

Before we start I just want to point out that this post isn't sponsored by Superdrug (I should be so lucky!) I just bloody love them.

Since going cruelty free the biggest change I've had to make is my skincare routine.

I spoke previously about brands using misleading language and my naivety when it came to whether or not a brand tested on animals but after doing lots of research into the brands and products I was using  I discovered that 90% of my skincare products were from brands which test on animals.

This absolutely horrified me and I ditched the products straight away.

But that left me in a bit of a mess. It took me a really long time to find a skincare regime that worked for me and the prospect of going through all that trial and error again was a little daunting. My skin can be an absolute nightmare so I needed to find reliable, effective products that don't break the bank and one place came to mind: Superdrug.

I know that all their own brand products are cruelty free so I knew it would be a good place to start my search.
Turns out I didn't need to look very far as I found a treasure trove of products suitable for all different skin types and textures. None of the items break the bank either.

So I used to use a combination Garnier, Simple and SBC products.
Sadly both Garnier and Simple test on animals.

Thankfully my faithful SBC gels are cruelty free so I can still use my skin saviour Propolis and the Collagen gel when my skin needs extra nourishment.

I picked up this exfoliator but I don't think it's one I'll be sticking with and here's why.
The gentle oatmeal exfoliator is an all natural coarse scrub from the Vitamin E range
The main seller for me is that it is gentle yet effective. The formula is very creamy and nourishing but it still leaves your skin feeling refreshed. It also helps keep my skin soft... but it's no good for my face.
I gave it a go on my face and it's a little too coarse and abrasive for my skin. The exfoliator particles are a little too big and left my skin a little too raw.
I switched to using it on my body and it works a treat.

It's for use on normal to dry skin and I'm really getting on well with it as my body exfoliator.

I also bought two other things from the Vitamin E range: The Hydrating Mist and the 

I'm not really feeling the oil. It cleanses and takes makeup off really well I'm just not a fan of the excess oil left behind afterwards. I know that's the whole point but I just can't get along with it.

The hydrating mist however is like my new holy grail product.
I use this to give my skin a boost throughout the day. This will be even more glorious in summer.
The mist instantly rejuvenates and awakens my skin. I've noticed it makes me look more fresh faced and bright.
The mist contains aloe vera which is so soothing.
I took a look on the Superdrug website and it says the product also helps shield your skin from environmental damage and in turn premature ageing caused by that.

All I know is that I never want to be without it.

The three products from the vitamin c range were all £2.99.

The Vitamin C skin booster is another product I don't ever want to be without.
Before using this product I was really suffering with a dry forehead and cheeks (mainly from being pelted in the face with rain and then snow. Cheers beast from the east). No matter what I used it didn't seem to help so when I found this I was incredibly hopeful. It did not disappoint.
It hydrated and began to repair my skin from the very first use. I noticed a difference after just two applications which was such a relief.
I have continued to use it every night and I bloody love it.
I also love the whole design of the product. The dropper really helps you get the most from the bottle as it gives you more control over how much you apply. I've found 4 drops to be enough and I drop them straight onto my forehead, both cheeks and chin.

It is honestly a skin saviour!

And finally a face mask, again from the vitamin c range.
I bought the Orange Peel Jam Mask after seeing it featured over on the blog

The mask contains white sugar and orange peel to 'exfoliate and brighten' and of course it has the same benefits as the entire vitamin C range.

I love the thick, sticky consistency of this mask.
It does inform you that you may experience a slight warming sensation which though they assured is normal sounded a bit scary as I've used "warming" masks before and had to very quickly take them off before they scalded my face but thankfully this was pleasantly warm. I probably wouldn't have even noticed or thought anything of the warming feeling if I hadn't read it on the pot.

My skin felt so fresh and cleansed after using it and I now use it once maybe twice a week.

Both products from the vitamin c range were £4.99.

There is currently a buy one get one half price offer on in store and online at

I'd highly recommend checking it out.

Thank you Superdrug for making going cruelty free so easy!


  1. Ooh, definitely want to check some of these out! Great post!x

    1. I'd highly recommend it!

      Thanks for your comment x

  2. Ooo, I need to go check out there products. I've recently discovered how much of what I use isn't cruelty free. So I'm going back to the drawing board. You gave a really good insight into the products, there are a few I'd like to have a look at myself x

    1. It's shocking how many brands aren't cruelty free. I had to have a serious reshuffle of everything I used!

      Thank you for leaving a comment :)