Wednesday, 4 April 2018

How To Support A Blogger.

There's this misconception that blogging. Even as a hobby blogging requires a lot of time and effort. From working with brands to photo taking to editing to drafting to promoting a blogger is always busy. Sometimes it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day.
Blogging is quite a demanding "hobby" and it can be really disheartening when the work you've poured your time, effort, heart and soul into doesn't get anywhere.

Today I wanted to share with you 5 ways you can help a blogger out!

Leaving a meaningful, honest comment.

Engagement is key to helping bloggers progress and thrive. As much I appreciate comments the best ones come from people who have read the post and have taken their time to contribute to my post. I love reading comments that are encouraging and insightful. One word comments often count as spam and to be honest they're a little annoying. It's lovely when readers really engage with the blogger. I love talking to others and hearing what they have to say.
Not only is it nice to read comments from readers and know people are connecting with your posts, it also really helps motivate me to keep going. On those days when my stats are low or my post isn't getting much attention or feedback I feel much more positive when I see that engagement. You may hesitate and wonder if you should bother before posting a comment but please do.
It means a lot.

Share. Share. Share.

If you enjoy a post then share it. Retweet a bloggers promo tweets, click their links and share their content. If you want, recommend the blog posts you love to your friends!
Getting a bloggers post out there is always appreciated.

Support their stores

Aside from blogging I know a lot of people who have businesses on the side. If you can make purchases from their stores or just spread the word about their ventures then you're supporting the person behind the blog. Blogging can be quite expensive (domain names, site fees. props etc) and every little purchase assists in covering costs.

Click the links and adverts.

Another way of helping is to click the links in and around the posts. Some of these may be sponsored and some just generate traffic which means the brand is more likely to work with the blogger again. Purchasing things via bloggers is another great way of showing your support. I'm not saying buy everything but if you know you want to buy something go via a bloggers link or use their reference code. If you notice an advert on a blog then just click it. It'll only take you a second and you can close it straight away. Every little helps.

Give shoutouts.

This is a really good way bloggers can help other bloggers.
In the past I have received shoutouts from other bloggers and have seen my followers shoot up. I love finding new blogs, instagram feeds and twitter accounts to follow.
Shouting out other blogs is a great way of networking and engaging with new people as well as helping them connect with more people in the blogging world.
Equally if you're not a blogger you can still help with engagement from shout outs/promotion. Your support is crucial when it comes to helping blog posts reach a bigger audience.

If you're a blogger, what helps you get your blog out there?

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