Wednesday, 11 April 2018

My Signature Nail Colours*

I have always been a lover of nail varnish and have amassed quite a collection over the years.
But just as people have their signature lip colours I have discovered that I have signature nail varnish colours. Regardless of the season these are the shades I always reach for.

A nude polish is by far my most worn shade. I bloody love 'em.

I was lucky enough to be sent some nail varnishes from Leighton Denny to try and that included a gorgeous nude shade called Bare It All. This is not only a polish but a CC (care and conceal) base coat. That means it smooths the appearance of the nail while brightening it making your nails appear so much healthier.

There are some added benefits too. The formula contains marula oil which helps lock in moisture and just generally keep your nails looking smoother and healthier and keratin: known to strengthen nails and protect them. Another ingredient is vitamin E which again protects the nails and helps keep them in a nice nourished condition. Caffeine is also added to help absorb and make the most of the active ingredients.

The thing I love about the shade is the versatility. As with any nude shade you are free to wear any outfit without having to match everything (not that I do nails are always my statement) and you're free to go bold elsewhere as the muted shade wont clash.

It's a nice beigey nude so suits most skin tones.
I applied just a single coat of the polish to give a nice nude sheen. I really liked my nails this way but the formula is buildable so you can have more of a solid colour if you prefer.

You can also apply a top coat for a more professional finish but I didn't bother as the polish stands alone with it's own fantastically smooth and shiny finish.

Leighton Denny nail varnishes are available via their website, M&S and many other store. You can find a local stockist here

I recently picked up some nail varnishes from Primark for 60p... Yes, 60p.
I'll be honest I didn't expect much from them but I loved the colours and the size of the varnishes (I much prefer smaller bottles. I love to mix and match my polishes and sometimes big bottles seem wasteful) but I was blown away by them.

I mean, what can I say? They're long lasting, budget friendly and quick drying.
They do need a good couple of coats to get a strong solid colour but that's the same with most polishes. I have really been enjoying using the nude shade in particular (definitely drawn to the nude shades) but another one I've been loving is Lavender.
I just think it's such a soft, pretty colour. Absolutely perfect for spring.
Purple isn't usually a colour I go for, I'm not sure why but it just doesn't appeal to me but something about this shade just pulled me in. I'm so glad I bought it as it's becoming a firm favourite. Goes so well with nude shades too... just saying.

There is also a white nail varnish featured in the photo but being the silly goose that I am I forgot to photograph it alone and it's playing hide and seek in the picture above... oops.
Anyway white is another of my favourite shades. It's bright, fresh and makes your hands look really tanned.
It's the one I go to if I want the bright without the colour.
I use one from Primark which costs a whopping 90p.

The Under The Sea collection from Barry M is simply magical.
I have all four shades: Angelfish, Jellyfish, Butterflyfish and Pinktail.

The wonderful thing about these polishes is the fact they're two toned meaning that from every angle the shade shifts. Surprisingly it's the blue shade (Butterflyfish) that's my favourite. 

It's such a "mermaid" colour. Every time I look at my nails I think of the sea and it makes me smile. I you wanna embrace all things pearlescent and whimsical then these are for you. They really are magical shades. 
I cannot recommend these enough. They're so fabulous it makes me want to cry.
I plan to wear these A LOT so there's no doubt they'll become my go to shades.

And to finish, another nail varnish I got sent from Leighton Denny was a shade called Angel Dust and HOLY MOLY IT IS GLORIOUS!

My photography doesn't do this justice...

It's essentially a clear coat with beautiful silver/white glitter particles. Unlike a glitter polish the glitter does not clump. There is no uneven coverage. It's pure glittery goodness which makes your nails twinkle and I'm living for it.
I can't wait for the summer months when the sun hits my nails and they sparkle like freaking diamonds. The great thing is it's absolutely beautiful as a stand alone polish. If you just want to perk your nails up then boom, there you go. One coat of this and you're ready to go.
I'm really excited to try it over my favourite shades.

(As I type I'm wearing the Bare It All varnish with one coat of Angel Dust over the top and loving it).

Painting my nails/having painted nails is one of those little luxuries I really appreciate. It may seem insignificant to most people but having pretty nails is one of those things that makes me feel a little bit more like I've got my sh*t together. It's also one of those brief moments I spend solely on myself. A little act of self love and care.

Before I go I just wanted to point out that all the brands featured in this post are cruelty free 😊

Do you have a signature shade?


  1. Oh wow, I've actually never heard of Leighton Denny before but that nude shade is just perfect.. �� And Primark, 60p?! That is actually incredible! ��

    Andi | ✨

    1. It really is a beautiful nude.
      Yes, 60p! I couldn't believe it either. I'm gonna go back and see if they have any other colours.

      Thanks for the comment x