Monday, 4 June 2018

Don't Go Naked, Go Nude - Nude By Nature Product Review*.

I HATE wearing makeup in summer. There, I said it.

I absolutely love the idea of wearing brighter colours and being bolder but I hate the feel of it on my skin. I also hate the process of putting makeup on when even my bloomin' eyelids are sweating.
Seriously, does anyone else get that? Sweaty eyelids?

The thing is with me is that I don't like being too hot and the minute I start to get too warm I get flustered and frustrated. Honestly how anyone puts up with me in the summer months I'll never know because I can be moody af.

The fact is I want to be as bare faced as I can when I'm out and about and I want quick application.

I recently received some lovely goodies from Nude by Nature which is a brand I hadn't heard much about. When looking into them I liked what I read/saw.

Nude by Nature is Australia's number 1 mineral makeup brand and are there to enhance the natural you and help you be a better version of yourself. 

The main selling point for me is that all their products are 100% naturally derived and contain no nasties. We know the negative effects that pollutants and so we need something that cares for our skin. Nude by Nature focuses on that as well as giving you a natural, healthy glow.
The high performing formulas contain so many amazing ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin e and avocado oil.

I was gifted 4 products:

Radiant Loose Powder Foundation W2 Ivory - "A loose mineral powder foundation that delivers sheer to full coverage with a satin radiant finish".

Translucent Loose Finishing Powder - "A loose mineral finishing powder  that helps control shine while setting makeup in a satin matte finish".

Perfecting Concealer 01 Ivory - "A creamy liquid concealer that instantly covers dark circles and disguises puffiness and imperfections".

Allure Defining Mascara 02 Brown - "A unique vitamin enriched mascara that provides intense definition and length naturally".

I'm a liquid foundation girl and the thought of using a powder foundation terrifies me but I put my reservations aside and gave Radiant Loose Powder a go. The powder is so buildable and initially the coverage is incredibly light. For the amount of powder I'm comfortable wearing the coverage is medium. 

The foundation sits well on the skin and is so breathable.
I was so impressed by the glow this gave me. It really brightened my complexion.
It's a great product if you're after quick application too. You don't have to be precise or spend ages blending. A swirl of the brush and you're good to go. It buffs in incredibly well.

There are 20 shades in this range including Classic Tan, Chocolate, Spiced Sand and Sandalwood and all fragrance free. 

The product itself contains jojoba esters which "softens and nourishes" the skin, kakadu plum which is rich in vitamin C and boost skins radiance and kaolin clay: a detoxifying agent that eliminates toxins and oils to purify, nourish and sooth skin.

The finishing powder is another product I've loved using. It is such a soft, light formula.
As well as keeping your makeup in place it also brightens your makeup. It removes any tackiness from liquid foundation. I use it throughout the day to touch up my makeup and stop any oiliness. If my face is getting a little shiny this sorts that out.

As with the foundation it also contains kakadu plum and kaolin clay. It's also fragrance free.

So, the perfecting concealer...
This contains kakadu plum like the others but also had added jojoba oil, Shea butter and vitamin e!
All of which are skin nourishing ingredients.

This is a very creamy concealer and is quite heavy. It absolutely HAS to be set with powder or it feels very uncomfortable on the skin (kind of sticky and remains very heavy). Once it's set with powder it's much more wearable and the colour match is amazing especially in natural light.
It's much better at concealing dark areas than redness but it still gives light (medium at a push) coverage on redness. 
Personally it just doesn't sit right on my skin without work. For me it isn't quick to apply. 
It requires primer, a lot of blending and extra setting time to have it look how I'd like.
That's just too much for the "quick summer makeup" I go for.
If you have minor blemishes and don't mind a heavier, creamier concealer then you'd like this it's just for me personally it's a no.

Finally, the mascara. I usually go for black mascaras but for a more natural summer look a brown mascara is a good thing to have. This mascara is better for volume than length but if you add some fibres (I use the JML Max Lash Fibre mascara) you can get some good length. It's a great mascara if you want a more natural, fuller lash. It does take a little while to fully dry but that's probably because I did a couple of coats.
I love using this as a bottom lash mascara. It gives great length and volume on those.

But you know what I hate about the mascara? THE BRUSH.
The shape or style is fine but it's so flimsy. I nearly broke it the first time I used it. The wand is so bendy and weak that to get it back in the tube is difficult. You can't push it too hard because it feels like it's gonna snap off. That's my only gripe.

All the products sold by Nude By Nature are proudly cruelty free and PETA certified which is a massive selling point for me.

So, what do I think of the brand as a whole?

 Nude By Nature's philosophy of all natural ingredients and their cruelty free status is something I applaud. I love the idea of makeup that's pure and good for your skin. It contains a load of skin loving ingredients and that's always a good thing. I notice how soft and light the powders are and when you remove your makeup you aren't left with residual product on your skin. It doesn't clog the pores or gather on your skin. It's very kind to your skin.

I really like the brand and I already have a growing wish list. 
I see you loose eye shadows... and you, brushes.

Have you ever tried Nude By Nature?


  1. Ooh I love the sound of this brand! I’m a big fan of the natural look and really don’t like the feeling of too much makeup on my skin. I love that these have all natural ingredients and is cruety free, definitely one to look out for. Thanks for the great review Loubee! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Bexa x

  2. I’ve heard of this brand before but have never tried them, the packaging is lovely though! The powder sounds like it would be good for me! Xx

    Andrea | Trxpical Andrea

    1. The packaging is so classic. I love it.

      Thanks for reading x

  3. I'm exactly the same as you - I HATE summer and I hate getting too hot. It sends my anxiety sky-rocketing and also makes me all flustered. I don't like wearing make up at the best of times either but it always looks rubbish in the summer haha! These look like lovely products :)


    1. Me too! My anxiety goes through the roof and makeup becomes such a chore!

      Thanks for reading x

  4. I have never heard of this brand. Are they not available in India?
    I love how the brand is cruelty free.

    1. I've only ever seen them online too and it says they ship to the "rest of the world".

      Thanks for reading x

  5. I hadn't heard of this brand before - it sounds great! I love how brands are becoming more cruelty free and such. I do love the packaging of their products, they are so pretty! It's such a shame about that mascara wand though?! It's not great that it feels that flimsy!


    1. I love finding more cruelty free options too. They're so important.

      Thanks for your comment x

  6. I've heard of these guys but I've never tried anything. I do like powder foundation on days that I'd rather have a natural look so I might give these guys a look next time I'm hunting for some x


    1. Hope you like them!

      Thanks for reading x

  7. I hate putting make up on during summer too. Last week I attended a wedding and I felt like my entire face is slowly melting off! I hated it! Each time I wanted to wash my face with cold water I couldn't, because of this stupid foundation. Never again.

    1. It's horrible isn't it? That's why I love lightweight makeup.

      Thanks for reading x

  8. I'm with you about applying makeup in the summer, I don't bother on the really warm days and powder foundation I find is just much better for the warmer days when you do want a little coverage on the skin. I've never heard of the brand Nude by Nature but it definitely sounds right up my street being lightweight and natural. Fantastic review.

    Emma x