Saturday, 11 August 2018

My Summer Makeup Staples.

Today I wanted to give you a little peep into my summer makeup bag.
When the sun is shining I like to keep my makeup as minimal as possible.
One - because it looks nice and two - because I can't be bothered to do it.

What makes it different from my usual makeup bag? Well in Summer I appreciate a much more natural approach to makeup so the products I reach for tend to be a little different. 
I like to find lighter formulas and much softer colours. I also like to make my life as easy as possible by using products I can apply quickly.

On my eyes, I use these gorgeous molten liquid eyeshadows from e.l.f.
I bought these in a sale a while ago and they were one of the best products I've ever bought. If you're a lazy gal like me then you need to get yourself some of these.

These go on with a sweep and are easily blended. They start liquid but once you've either brushed or patted them in (I usually just pat them in with my finger) they turn to a powder like texture which is easily blended with other shadows. I use these on their own to add some shimmer to my lid. If I can be bothered I'll use my bronzer to add some definition to my crease before applying. But these shadows just make things so much easier.

Top to Bottom:

Liquid Gold
Brushed Copper
Rose Gold (my fave)

Another product from e.l.f is the Mist and Set spray which really works for me. It's a great way of setting my makeup and just gives my makeup a bit of a boost. 

I'll only mention  the bronzer briefly because I've already sung its praises in a previous post. It's the St Tropez 3 in 1 bronzing powder. This stuff gives you a tan. That's exactly what it looks like. It gives you a subtle bronzey glow which can be built upon without going orange. It's so good. A quick swirl in the pan and on it goes. Foolproof.

For an added glow I use the Primark Brunch Club highlighter. It's really pigmented and so pretty when it catches the light. If I want more of a softer glow I use the MUA light lustre liquid highlight. 
I use it high up on my cheek bones because it really brightens my skin and just settles really nicely there. I sometimes combine the two to be extra fancy.

For lips it's again very subtle and soft. A product I really love is the Pillow Plump lip gloss from Soap & Glory which I got in my advent calendar last year (I actually bought it in the January sales. Got the 25 day calendar for £10 in Boots. Bagged a real bargain there. Plus I got to open all of the doors at once. It was glorious.). I got this in 2 shades and I alternate between the two - the other being a nude gloss. This stuff really works. If you want full, juicy lips that look natural then this is perfect.
I always get complimented on how great my lips look whenever I use this. It does tingle as with all lip plumping products but it's bearable. I'd advise you use it sparingly though because the less you use, the quicker the tingling stops.

Peach is my scent of the summer and this smoothie gloss from essence is my favourite.
I use this on its own and sometimes I add a little bit on top of the Pillow Plump just for the smell.
It's everything you want a peach scented product to smell like.

And finally, this is a recent purchase from Revolution and it's the Brights Multi Eyeliner.

This design is such a good idea. I don't know why I've never seen this before!

This is essentially like those cool pens you used to buy for school with all the colours. You know, the ones where you'd try and push down all the colours at once... You know we've all tried it

As you can see there are 4 shades and I use this if I want to give my makeup a bit more oomph but without the effort. It really brightens your whole look and makes your eyes pop. I just apply a bit of the colour to my lower lash line and voila. I've found myself drawn to the teal and silver.

And there we go. That's how I cheat my makeup in summer.

Perhaps I should have called this post "the lazy girls guide to makeup"...

What's a staple product in your summer makeup bag?


  1. Well, I always carry a powder with me (in case, my skin gets sweaty/oily 'all the time') ;) I've never used any of the products you mentioned! Thank you for sharing! <3

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment x

  2. Lovely products and colors! Thanks for sharing

    Narhee | Made in Mauve


  3. I like these products, they are cute, I like their colors