Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Pretty Suds - My New Favourite Bath Bombs?

Pretty Suds is a website I found through a fellow blogger. Once I read her review (which I can't find to link!) I knew I had to give them a try.

They sell a load of handmade goodies including bath bombs, soaps and shower jellies which as you know I am a massive fan of.

So I went on and ordered a load of bombs to try. I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful designs and bright colours. They had so many to choose from which I was really excited about.

In total I spent £28.80 including delivery which was £5.95.

This included 8 bath bombs including 3 I got for free for spending a certain amount, an egg box containing 6 smaller bath bombs and a soap.

Before I get in to the bath bombs I want to talk about delivery. I paid £5.95 for 3-4 working day premium tracked shipping via parcelforce. I placed my order on Wednesday 27th June but late so I'd count it as the next day, it was shipped on the 3rd of July. On that day I got a message with the tracking info which didn't work. I left it a few days and when my parcel still hadn't arrived I checked the tracking which "wasn't recognised" by Royal Mail. I then sent a message via the websites contact form asking them when it was likely to arrive and could they find the right tracking information so I can keep track of it and I got NO response. None.

It finally arrived on the 10th of July with a "sorry it's late" written on the receipt.
If we're judging it from Thursday, it took 8 working days and 13 days in general.
Now if this was free delivery it wouldn't bother me. It's the fact I paid £6 for a premium service I never received. Not only that but there was no reason as to why my parcel would be late, no explanation, nothing. A sorry would be okay if I hadn't paid that much for delivery but I expected more than that because I didn't get the service I paid for which is a real shame because it did colour my view of them before I'd even seen the products.

This is why I begrudge paying for delivery.

But moving on to the actual products. Upon opening the box I was greeted with a lovely, powerful yet not overwhelming smell. 

It definitely delighted the senses. 

Lets talk about the bombs first. I did the 4 for £10 deal and I chose Diary of a Vampire, The Alchemist, The Necromancer and Moonshine. All very different scents and designs. 

Very aesthetically pleasing, nicely designed and wonderfully scented.

But how did the hold up in the bath?

You know what? I can't fault them.

And I definitely had a favourite. Diary of a Vampire is one of the best bombs I've ever used. 

I already had high hopes for this bombs because it was the one that called to me the most. Out of all the bath bombs on the website, this is the one I hoped would be how I imagined.
It exceeded my expectations. 
It not only turns your water pitch black but you get wonderful swirls that sit on the water. They look like smoke floating around the bath and the whole thing creates such an atmosphere. 
It really encapsulated the vampire theme and I loved it.

(If you're a Dan & Phil fan I like to call this the Dan Howell of bath bombs).

Embrace the darkness... It's nice to find a bath bomb that represents your soul

The Sunny Side Up eggs are such a great idea. You pay £4.95 for a box of 6 and they really pack a punch. They're not to be underestimated. I'm unsure if the eggs are smaller versions of the other bigger bombs or if they're unique but some of the scents I got were so nice. 

The orange one had a cinnamon smell, the blue ones were much more fresh while the rest were very soft and floral but with a nice rich perfume scent. And I love the packaging. 
Such a great way to store them.

The guardian of the eggs here is Release The Quacken which was £3.95. That little ducky is a collectable and you get a random one sent to you. I think my duck is particularly fancy with his little hat. I've yet to use this bath bomb but I already love it.

The is the colour palette of the other bath bombs I chose.
SO beautiful.

And finally, I saw this and knew it had to be added to my order. This is a Quartz Chakra Stone soap in a diamond cut. This was £3.95 and so worth it.

Though you can't really see it in the picture it's super sparkly and as well as being a nice fresh smelling soap it also looks great on the sink (or bath or wherever you choose to have it).
It also contains a real stone too which is sweet.

Though the delivery issue really annoyed me (because I paid quite a lot for a premium service) I love the products and overall I'm really pleased with my order. 
The thing is, these products are worth the wait so if the website said that deliveries will take a while and they didn't charge me so much for the kind of service I received then I'd be happy to wait. 
I wouldn't instead be waiting around with dodgy tracking info wondering whether I'd been conned or the postman is gonna knock on my door with my parcel.

Have you tried Pretty Suds?


  1. These are such pretty bath bombs! The colours are absolutely gorgeous! It’s such a shame about the delivery, can you get a refund on it as you paid for the service? I’m glad you liked the bath bombs when they eventually arrived though! <3 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

    1. Well the thing is, they accepted that they were late but did nothing about it. The fact I couldn't get a reply the first time just put me off. At the end of the day, I got and loved the goods albeit a bit late. I just hope they improve their service because it really lets them down.

      Thanks for commenting x

  2. A shame about the service, I have had my eye on this brand for a while so thanks for the heads up on the delivery! Not that it has put me off too much, all these bombs look amazing! They do really have some unique ones on their site! I want to buy the Quartz Chakra Stone Soap too so I am glad I read this and that you love it as much as I think I would! I think I might have to put in an order around Halloween time to get those spooky bath bombs! x

    1. I think they release some other ones at Halloween too so I'd definitely keep your eyes peeled if you love all things spooky!

      Thanks for your comment x

  3. I have never tried pretty suds but their bath bombs look beautiful. I think sunny side up egg box looks like such a great way of trying out the bath bombs. It's so annoying when the delivery lets down a brand, especially when you have spent nearly £6 on it.

    Steph x

    1. I loved everything but the service. That really does let them down because everything else is amazing!

      Thanks for reading x

  4. The black bath bomb looks absolutely amazing! Also I'm sorry that the postage and service was so shocking :/ I thought it was expensive to begin with, but to hear how long it took as well?

    Jas xx | https://thoughtsfromjasmine.co.uk

    1. The black bomb is my favourite for sure. I HATE paying for delivery anyway and for even more so when I get such poor service.

      Thanks for reading x

  5. The black one looks so cool! And the egg box is such a great idea. I begrudge paying for delivery too, especially when it's that much to begin with. Hearing that's what the service is like has honestly put me off the idea of using them! x


    1. The egg box is such a creative idea. I love their bombs but I'm not sure I'll be reordering.

      Thanks for the comment x

  6. Ah so sorry you had so much hassle with the delivery! Delivery can be a bloody nuisance can't it! But these bath bombs look great, I love the egg box! That's a nice touch :) I haven't used a bath bomb in SO long!


    1. I love bath bombs! I like to try new brands but I was so disappointed by the delivery. Gutted.

      Thanks for reading x

  7. These all look so lovely! I suddenly want to go and run myself a bath haha

    Tish | http://www.thesundaydiary.co.uk

    1. I could live in the bath, I love it!

      Thanks for leaving a comment x

  8. I love Pretty Suds bath bombs but their customer service is beyond awful. My first order with them took two weeks to come after spending quite a hefty amount and they never replied to my message or added my free product in even though I spent over their threshold to receive one! They also run competitions on their social medias that they barely ever announce winners for and I know a blogger that they reached out to work with and then completely ghosted. I haven't bought from them since because of these reasons! It's such a shame as their products are nice... I'm glad you enjoyed the products despite the crappy service, the skulls are my absolute favourite!
    Alice Xx

    1. Wow that's pretty shocking. I'm surprised brands don't realise how important customer service is and how much it reflects on their brand. Bloggers could really help their brand too but then again perhaps not if they continue with such poor service.
      It really put me off them and it's such a shame because their products are wonderful.

      Thanks for reading x