Saturday, 1 September 2018

Product Empies #3

Another empties post for you today. 

I was saying only a month ago how I rarely have enough empties for a post (or I forget to save them) and now here I am with 6 more finished products.

A lot of these products are my staple skincare products.

Starting with my ultimate skin saviour SBC Propolis skincare gel. I don't need to waffle on about how much I love this because anyone who's read my blog before knows. I recommend it to everyone and anyone. So it's no surprise I've got through another bottle. 
Well, not just me. My whole family uses it and as we've all been picking up colour and slight burns from the sun and this has been what everyone has reached for to sooth and repair their skin.
I say it all the time but this stuff is magic.

Another product I mentioned last time and have raved about is the shower foam from Bilou.
The latest scent I picked up is the Cotton Candy one. Now I'll be honest, though the formula is the same and I love the foam itself, the scent is not my favourite. It just wasn't what I was expecting. It doesn't really smell like what i'd typically think of as cotton candy. I was quite disappointed with this one as I had high hopes for it. All of the previous scents I've tried have been really true to their scent.
It got used simply because I love the formula of the cream. The scent is not for me so I wont be repurchasing.

A product I use every day is the Deep Action exfoliating daily wash from Superdrug.
As well as being cruelty free, this is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This really works for me and in combination with my skincare gels it helps keep my skin under control.
I've actually ran out and they didn't have any in stock in my local Superdrug and boy my skin is paying for it. I need to bulk buy asap to stop myself from running out again!

I was introduced to Soap & Glory products by my aunt. She bought me a glorious set for Christmas and it contained a full size bottle of the Clean On Me shower gel. I instantly fell in love with the scent. It's such a classic, timeless smell. It also has a built in body lotion which really locks in your skins moisture. It's so soft and silky. A lot of the time I put a couple of pumps in my bath to soften the water and that just leaves my whole body so soft and smelling wonderful. 
My only problem with replacing this is the cruelty free status.
After reading the FAQ's on the Soap & Glory website it says that though they don't test their finished products, they cannot confirm whether their ingredients have or have not been tested on animals.
Until they can guarantee they're completely cruelty free I wont be repurchasing which is a damn shame because I love this product so much.

I received a travel size scrubbing cream from Codage Paris in a subscription box I got a while ago and rediscovered it a few months back. After looking on their website I see that this retails at around £40. And in my opinion, it isn't worth it. It left a horrible residue on my skin which I guess some people would like but I really didn't. It says on the tube that it's suitable for all skin types but I found that with my combination skin, it made me feel incredibly oily and unclean. It almost felt like it clogged my pores, not cleaned them. This type of exfoliation just isn't compatible with my skin. 
The formula felt too heavy and awkwardly sat on my skin even after several rinses.
The only reason I kept using it was because I didn't want to be wasteful and just throw it away.
This is a product I definitely wont be repurchasing.

And finally, a product that deserves it's own moment in the spotlight: The Vitamin E Hydrating Mist from Superdrug.

I absolutely love this stuff. It is so hydrating and softening. I spray it all over my face and shoulders in the morning after washing my face and applying my gel. I often go back to it throughout the day and spritz my face even over makeup to refresh my skin and keep it looking bouncy and bright. This stuff reawakens my tired skin and I use it religiously.
This product boasts something amazing too. It actually helps shield you from environmental damage by "combating the harmful effects of free radicals".
I'd highly recommend it to anyone with dry skin as it's something you can use whenever you want. It doesn't have to fit into a routine. I spray it whenever I feel like my skin needs it and it gives me instant hydration that lasts.

A bit of a mixed bag in this empties post. Mostly hits but a couple of very big misses.

Hopefully my next empties will be full of hits!


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