Saturday, 22 September 2018

Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation Review.

"Ageless. Unisex. Affordable. Yours."

As a lover of the conceal and define concealer I was SO excited when I saw that Revolution were releasing a foundation in the same range. The problem is, when you have such high hopes for a product sometimes it can fall short of your expectations. I was worried it would be the case... 
So was it?

Short answer: Absolutely not. In fact, this excelled my expectations.

This foundation is my new favourite. The first thing I want to talk about is the shade. It is a perfect match for my skin tone. I chose shade F6 which is for light/medium skin with neutral undertones. I never really know which shade to go for because I've tried ones suited for yellow undertones, pink, blue (is that a thing?). I have never found a foundation that matches ans enhances my skin. I was honestly shocked at how perfect the match is.
And I'm not the only one who's managed to find their perfect match either. I think we can sing Revolution's praises for their shade range. Their initial release was 24 shades ranging from fair with pink undertones to deep dark with warm undertones which is already pretty good but after listening to their customers and waiting for the feedback they announced that in January 2019 they'll increase that to 48 skin true shades. 48! 

That's one of the most amazing things about Revolution. They really listen to their audience and are so responsive to new ideas and suggestions. They take on board whatever is said to them both positive and negative and work towards pleasing as many people as they can. They do what a lot of brands fail to do and that's communicate with their customers. They want your feedback, your ideas and your opinions. It's what they use to create better products. They are constantly improving their formulas, shade ranges and colour selections and it's so amazing.

My favourite thing about the foundation is the finish.It's described on the webiste as demi-matte which I agree with. I haven't ever used a foundation that doesn't transfer. I think it might be my combination skin but foundation never fully drys on my face. It sits o the surface just waiting to print onto someone's shirt. This however settles right in. I buff it in using a foundation brush and in about a minute it has dried down completely. It goes on like a second skin. I can touch my face and it isn't tacky or unsettled, it is so smooth and sleek. I didn't even need to set it with powder either. I always use my fixing spray but again I don't think this is essential (I just like it. I have the coconut and vanilla one from -surprise surprise- Revolution).

The applicator is a giant doe foot just like the concealer. That part surprised my I have to say. It works though. I blobbed it directly on to my skin using the applicator and then blended it as usual. The only potential problem is that I'm wondering how much product might go to waste because you can't get it out. That's usually a con of not having a pump, some is bound to stay stuck in the bottle. Obviously I'll just take the cap out and scrap as much as I can from it. I'm not letting a single drop go to waste.

Is it full coverage? 100%. I only applied one layer and the coverage is what I'd describe as full. I didn't feel the need for another layer or the concealer (on certain parts of my face at least). Even with it being full coverage the formula is so lightweight. I barely noticed it on my skin.


The foundation cost £9. I have tried foundations that set me back £30 and they didn't have a touch on this. I can't believe Revolution continue to come through with fantastic products that outperform the big name brands. And I mean significantly outperform.

You probably think this post has been sponsored by Revolution but I can assure you it hasn't been. I am just a massive fan of the brand and love them to pieces. I want to sing their praises to everyone.

(But I mean Revolution, if you are reading: Hi. I'm here. I'll promote you to the ends of the earth)

If you've tried the foundation or concealer, what are your thoughts?


  1. I've been a long time fan of the brand and I love their concealer so I'm so excited to try out their foundation!

  2. I love that Revolution listen to their customers, it shows that they care! This sounds amazing and only £9!! I love the applicator too. Thank you for your review! I cannot wait to buy this now and try it out! x

    1. Me too, that's their biggest selling point for me. They're so responsive to their customers and their ideas. Thank you for reading x