Sunday, 14 October 2018

Product Empties #4

Back with another empties post today.

I'm just gonna dive straight in an start with the Candy Floss Swirl perfume from Primark. This is such a lovely sweet scent. It's very rich with a dense vanilla smell. Though it's called candy floss that isn't really the vibe I get from it. However I do know that for some people this would be sickeningly sweet but I like that. It's a great scent for Autumn because it reminds me of marshmallows or toffee (I'm thinking toffee apples). Very sweet. It's also a complete bargain at £2. The small bottle is the perfect handbag size but to be honest, the scent really lasts. I never had to reapply.
Would I buy it again? Absolutely.

The Simple rapid action spot zapper is something I'll briefly mention. I bought this a long while ago and put all my hope into it. I really wanted it to clear my spots instantly and fix every blemish. but it doesn't. In fact I found that it made the skin around the blemish go really dry and rough causing more skin problems than it solved. Really disappointing.

I was under the impression that Sanctuary Spa wasn't cruelty free but after looking on their website they confirmed they do not test on animals or buy from suppliers that do so hooray!
I was so heartbroken when I thought I couldn't repurchase this because of the status so finding out it's fine is so great. The white lily & damask rose scent is truly marvellous. It adds instant luxury to your washing experience. I squeezed a little blob under the running water and it makes the softest bubbles and scents the water beautifully. I really love the indulgence of this fragrance. It's intoxicating.

The Aftercare Conditioner came with Superdrug's own brand hair dye (which I'd highly recommend by the way) and it is so good. The reason I included it is because I'm really sad it has ran out. 
I wish Superdrug would sell this as it's own product because I would be stocking up for sure.
It's such a creamy formula which smells lovely and really works to keep the colour in my hair from fading. It's also really nourishing and softening. I try and use as little as possible so it lasts longer.
This needs to be its own product!

I have never tried anything from Caudalie before but the SOS quenching serum came in a subscription box I bought a really long time ago. I hadn't got round to opening it until one day my skin was so bad. It was so dry and sore from being in such a bad way. In my desperation I grabbed this and you know what, it really hydrating for my skin. It felt like my skin was drinking in the product and absorbing every bit of it. It was also really gentle and din't hurt when I applied it even with my skin being so sensitive and damaged at the time.
The only problem? When doing some research I learned that they sell in China and are therefore not 100% cruelty free. It's a no from me. It's a shame because the product is really good.

And finally, the Ultimate Blends strength restorer serum. This was a saviour for me when I had long hair because it prevented tangles and made it so much easier to brush. I'd wash my hair then apply this serum before drying. The smell is so nice and the serum is really easy to work with. 

After drying, my hair would be so silky and soft. You really have to use it sparingly because if you use too much your hair goes a disgusting texture and feels greasy (and nothing short of washing it again gets it out). But again, the one thing letting them down is their cruelty free status. Garnier is a well known animal tester and I cannot and will not support them until that changes.

What's been your favourite product this month?


  1. I always love reading these kinds of posts!! Candy floss scent sounds incredible x

    1. Well I'm glad you found mine. It's a gorgeous scent!

      Thanks for reading x

  2. I've not heard of some of these brands but I 100% agree with you about Aftercare Conditioner with hair dyes. I have so many little bottles of conditioner that I've saved from hair dye boxes and they are simply the best, much more so than any expensive hair mask I've ever tried. Great tip, Louisa, thank you! xx

    Lisa |