This is just a little note to say that posts marked with an asterisk (*) contain a product or products that have been sent to me for my honest feedback/review.
I always give my honest opinion on any/every product I receive so you can be sure that there is no fakery here!

I will usually mention in the post which products have been sent for clarification but the asterisk makes you aware that some products are pr samples/gifts.

Happy reading!

*Posts marked as of January 2017

All content and photography posted on this blog is my own* and cannot be replicated or used without my permission. If you'd like to use my images or content then please get in touch.
I'll say it again. Please do not copy, print or attempt to replicate my work without my permission. 

*content is my own unless otherwise stated. If other imagery or words are used then that will be made clear somewhere in the blog post.

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